Partners & Suppliers

The public face of McAfee includes our business partnerships. Partners are an extension of our team, helping to drive industry growth and, ultimately, our overall success. We strive for positive partnerships that are built on trust and mutual benefit, and reflect good corporate citizenship. McAfee is deeply committed to this channel, offering our partners access to our comprehensive security portfolio and recognizable brand.

Since 2004, McAfee has delivered on this commitment through comprehensive changes and the introduction of new partner programs. We optimized our sales department and IT systems, and introduced Intel Security Partner Program, a global program that provides extensive services and resources to partners. McAfee presents an extensive range of incentives, rebates, and marketing tools, as well as sales and technical training and certification to partners to help accelerate business and revenue growth.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all members of the McAfee extended family are treated with the highest levels of respect and trust. On the supplier front, we encourage diversity as well as complete compliance with laws and regulations. Our global labor practices and sustainability policies are reviewed throughout our supply chain, and McAfee suppliers state they comply with all applicable local, regional, and national laws. We also engage with our relevant suppliers to ensure our compliance with environmental regulations, such as the RoHS directive.

The Intel Security Partner Program and its executives are regularly recognized by the media for industry-leading achievements:

  • 2010 Bull’s Eye Award, Vendor Marketing Program of the Year — Channel Insider
  • 2010 Best Channel Vendor — Business Solutions Magazine
  • 2010 Five-Star Partner Program Award — Everything Channel’s CRN Magazine
  • 2010 Security Superstars List — Everything Channel’s CRN Magazine