McAfee Trust & Safety

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What is the McAfee Trust and Safety Initiative?
The McAfee Trust and Safety Initiative is a McAfee company-wide effort that sets new standards in the areas of quality assurance, technical innovation, support and services, and community awareness.

McAfee Trust and Safety InitiativeWhat are the components of the McAfee Trust and Safety Initiative?

Quality Assurance
Our goal is to continue to offer customers the most robust, rapidly-delivered security while minimizing risk by instituting industry-leading quality practices and stringent processes. This sets and confirms adherence to the highest quality standards, and minimizes customer risk and incident impact. Our efforts here include:

  • Triple redundant QA process. McAfee has instituted a QA process that includes three levels of .DAT testing before each customer release (main lab, secondary lab, and McAfee IT).
  • Automated, stringent change control. McAfee has developed advanced automation tools with multi-level alerting to ensure full process compliance, test system configurations, and .DAT validity.
  • Rapid .DAT distribution recovery. McAfee has created a new system for immediate .DAT file removal from the Content Distribution Network to prevent proliferation of a faulty .DAT.
  • Extensive independent audits. McAfee has commissioned a Big Four deep audit of our QA processes, including people, process, and .DAT delivery methods.
  • Customer Excellence Test Lab. The new McAfee Customer Excellence Test Lab allows customers to include their common operating environments in our QA process. Prior to each new release, McAfee .DATs will be tested against customer images alongside our standard tests. Please talk to your account manager to learn more about this program.

Technical Innovation
Our goal is to evolve McAfee products and cloud intelligence ahead of the threat landscape, while building in quality and risk mitigation procedures. This enables us to conduct more proactive, granular threat prospecting while enhancing the accuracy of our products, minimizing customer risk, and ensuring business continuity. Our efforts here include:

  • Advanced threat protection. McAfee has augmented its cloud-based threat intelligence capability to conduct proactive and granular threat prospecting.
  • Enhanced accuracy. McAfee has instituted checks against our extensive cloud-based white list (“known good” files) and cloud-based malware signature monitoring to enhance product quality and accuracy.
  • Customer visibility and control. McAfee will incorporate smart messaging and automate the ability to perform fast .DAT rollbacks in McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management software. This ensures fast communications and empowers customers to take swift action and maintain business continuity in the event of an incident.

Support and Services
Our goal is to offer targeted support and services to give customers increased confidence in their security posture and risk mitigation. This ensures customers’ continued security and offers full-circle protection. Our efforts here include:

  • Automated online health check. McAfee offers an online health check platform and remote consulting services, resulting in configuration advice and best-practice recommendations.
  • Premium support offerings/resident experts. McAfee offers Support Account Managers for the highest level of proactive support, direct access to product specialists for complex issues, and resident onsite experts for hands-on issue prevention and resolution.
  • Malware removal and PC tune-up. McAfee provides the free Stinger tool for malware removal and remote PC tune-up services to speed up the performance of your computers.

Community Awareness
Our goal is to remain at the forefront of community action and dialogue to tackle the security challenges facing our customers. We aim to educate and empower customers, and give them the confidence that McAfee is leading the industry in both security and quality. Our efforts here include:

  • FOCUS user conference. McAfee hosts an annual user conference for concentrated learning and networking, including presentations by industry experts and shared best practices from IT and security peers.
  • McAfee Threat Center. McAfee will soon offer a searchable online tool with the broadest array of threats in the industry, and the ability to drill down to detailed views.
  • Quick Tips tutorials. McAfee’s video-based tutorials share product and security best practices and technical “how-to’s”.
  • McAfee blogs and social networks. McAfee remains at the forefront of industry dialogue and shares its expertise in real time through the McAfee Security Insights blog, the McAfee Labs blog, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Advisory councils. McAfee runs an array of advisory councils that let us tap into customer and partner insights and needs, and strengthen relationships with key McAfee stakeholders.
  • Cybercrisis working group and annual cybercrisis drill. McAfee is creating a working group to collaborate on crisis management best practices with customers to ensure business continuity. McAfee is also conducting an annual drill to test and improve on our internal and external critical incident response processes.

How can I learn more?
For more information, please contact your account representative or McAfee sales. To learn more about the McAfee Customer Excellence Test Lab, please contact your account manager.