Industry Solutions

Complete solutions to secure your IT infrastructure

McAfee helps optimize security and compliance controls, while reducing operational effort and lowering costs. With McAfee solutions, enterprises and public sector agencies can efficiently manage risks from known and emerging threats, and limit the potential repercussions of data loss and noncompliance. Backed by McAfee’s 24/7 Global Threat Intelligence and integrated into a single management platform, McAfee solutions deliver the strong IT controls you need in a streamlined package.

Retail Solutions

McAfee Retail solutions help meet PCI compliance, safeguard the integrity of customer data, and improve security. Our solutions for point-of-sale (POS) systems block the installation of unwanted programs and extend the life of legacy systems — improving ROI and maximizing IT investments.

Telecommunications Service Providers

McAfee provides a variety of security services for telecom service providers, offering protection to their critical networks. These security solutions cover consumer, small-business, mid-sized business, and large-enterprise customers. To support today’s increasingly mobile environment, McAfee also provides security for mobile service providers.

Healthcare Security

McAfee provides security management solutions that reduce risk and provide strong IT controls, leading to greater operational efficiency in safeguarding patient data. McAfee solutions are flexible enough to address the increasing demands and security concerns within healthcare environments, without negatively impacting performance.

Financial Services

McAfee helps financial services organizations build a solid security posture that addresses regulatory mandates and keeps networks, systems, mobile devices, and data safe from threats.

Public Sector

McAfee Public Sector solutions secure every layer of your government network, saving you time, effort, and expense. From the regulations of data governance and device control to the intricacies of cloud computing and virtualization, McAfee simplifies the security process, ensuring the availability of all assets, and protecting sensitive data from server to endpoint.

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