McAfee SecurityAlliance Reseller Partner Program


Sell industry-leading security solutions. Partner with McAfee.

Partner with McAfee and Grow Your Security Practice

Partner with McAfee to deliver best-in-class, optimized security solutions to your customers. McAfee Reseller partners include corporate resellers, solution providers, and distributors of all sizes. Our flexible program enables resellers to jump-start sales, and provides detailed training, education, and support to boost knowledge of McAfee security technology — ensuring partners meet their customers’ needs for a secure network.


Partner Type Attributes & Value Propositions

  • Reseller Partners — Offering one or more areas of expertise in McAfee solutions when addressing security challenges for our mutual customers, these partners have either a sales or technical-led go-to-market approach. Partners looking to earn at a higher level in the program and gain access to increased benefits must complete the requirements listed in the program guidelines.
  • Solution Providers — These partners help customers protect against security breaches and threats of exposure — at a reduced TCO — with McAfee security solutions. Solution Providers are technically-competent partners with expertise in one or more areas of McAfee security solutions. This partner business model may have either a sales or technical-led go-to-market approach, with pre-sales solution resources. They typically derive at least 30% of their revenues from services. Sales personnel complete certification to enable them to provide guidance to customers to license and acquire solutions. Technical personnel complete certification in one or more competencies that enable them to discuss, position, and deliver the right McAfee solutions to customers.
  • Corporate Resellers — These partners are predominantly focused on (but not limited to) system security. Corporate Resellers are likely to have a high focus on telesales and marketing as a go-to-market approach. Sales personnel complete certification that enables them to provide guidance to customers to license and acquire solutions. Corporate Resellers may also have services and expertise in software lifecycle management to help customers manage software assets and reduce TCO.

Partnership Levels to Differentiate Your Business

The McAfee SecurityAlliance Program has partnership levels to provide flexibility to meet the needs of your growing business. Each level of partnership reflects a dedication to the program through training, certification. As partners invest in the program, they earn an increased commitment from McAfee in the form of rewards, sales incentives, and dedicated support. Achieving Elite, Premier, or Associate status in the SecurityAlliance Program shows that your company has made critical investments to meet the security requirement of customers — a distinguishing factor in a competitive market.

  • Elite Partner — Demonstrate a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, competency, and revenue growth. Elite Partners receive the highest level of privileges and rewards, and have the closest working relationship with McAfee. These partners receive benefits such as qualified leads, an assigned partner support account manager, and a named channel account manager. Qualified Elite Partners may also be eligible to provide authorized support to their end customers through the McAfee Authorized Support Provider program.
  • Premier Partner — Commit to working with McAfee to meet customers’ ongoing security needs. Through investments in skills, competencies, and revenue growth, Premier Partners ensure customers receive exceptionally high-quality solutions and services. Participation at this level provides access to an extended level of benefits, including telephone-based assistance and management, to help ensure customer success.
  • Associate Partner — Prove a desire to provide customers with quality solutions and technologies. Participation at this level provides easy access to a range of online resources to help you stay current on the latest McAfee solutions.


As a McAfee SecurityAlliance Reseller Partner Program member, you receive distinct value-added business and marketing advantages.

Margin Advantage — Access a number of sales incentive programs with predictable and consistent earning expectations. Many of these programs can be used together and allow our resellers to manage their margin with McAfee.

Enablement Advantage — Take advantage of our eLearning and partner certification curriculum. These self-paced sales and technical pre-sales certifications are available online and at no cost to McAfee SecurityAlliance Partners.

Interlock Advantage — Deliver intelligent, optimized, and industry-leading security to customers. McAfee offers interlocked security on every device and system, across networks, and through the cloud to provide protection at every angle. Our range of technologies are further extended through development partnerships with industry leaders to create unique, integrated solutions.

Program BenefitsCorporate ResellerSolution Providers
Partner Resources
Telephone Support  
Sales Engineer Resources
Quarterly Marketing Activities  
Sales Enablement
Pay-for-Performance Programs  
Evaluation, Not-For-Resale (NFR) Software  
Demo (NFR) Hardware  
Training & Certification Requirements
Sales Advocate Training      
Sales Professional 101 Training    
Technical Professional 101 Training
Partner Technical Support
24/7 Online Support
Global Solutions Lab Access
Support Notification Service
Telephone Tech Support*  
Platinum Tech Support Access*      
Eligible for McAfee Authorized Support Provider Program      
Marketing Support
Market Development Funds (MDF) Eligibility  
McAfee Rewards
Marketing Collateral Store
McAfee Advisory Council  


* This feature allows SecurityAlliance Partners to escalate technical support issues for internal, not-for-resale (NFR) product issues and while engaged in new McAfee business opportunities. Partner Technical Support is not intended for end customer issues or for the Partner’s internal production environment.

Partner Training

McAfee ACE Program
The McAfee Accredited Channel Engineer (ACE) program is a valuable opportunity for qualified partners to gain a unique competitive edge with a true inside advantage. The ACE program is the highest McAfee presales technical certification offered in the McAfee SecurityAlliance Partner Program. It provides the resources, tools, and hands-on experience to enable partners to effectively drive presale technical wins.

McAfee’s ACE program is more than a training program—it is an opportunity to strengthen the McAfee partnership. This mutually beneficial program is for partners who are looking for advanced technical training and, more importantly, a way to differentiate their business.

To familiarize yourself with the ACE program, review the ACE program brochure. Additional ACE program resources are located on the McAfee Partner Portal (login credentials required).

McAfee Security Solution Competencies
McAfee solution competencies reflect a partner’s knowledge and depth of skills in a particular technology solution area. The McAfee SecurityAlliance Partner Program offers different levels of enablement and training that provide defined learning paths so resellers can certify at each level as they grow with McAfee.

The curriculum concentrates on specific areas of McAfee security technology and offers a way for partners to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. By achieving solution competency specializations, partners prove they have the technical and sales expertise to offer advice on solutions in customer environments — an investment that also earns additional partner profitability though program benefits. Available competencies, and associated Sales and Technical course requirements can be viewed via the Sales and Marketing Portal in the Partner eLearning Center.

McAfee Security Solution competencies include:


McAfee SecurityAlliance Reseller Partners are expected to complete certain requirements to gain access to different program benefit levels. This is a brief overview of some key program requirements. For more detailed information, see the McAfee SecurityAlliance Partner Program Guidelines or contact us.

RequirementCorporate ResellerSolution Providers
Signed Master Partner Terms & Conditions  
Annual Business Plan  
Insight System Certification  
Quarterly Marketing Activities  
Sales Certifications (eLearning)  
Technical Certifications (eLearning)  

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Programs

McAfee offers programs dedicated to helping our partners serve the small business market.

Partner Security Services
Extend value-added services to your small business customers by providing all-in-one Security-as-a-Service solutions that are easy to manage and maintain. With this program, you can develop unique, highly scalable security service offerings specifically designed for SMBs.

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