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A comprehensive approach to email security

McAfee Email Protection defends against advanced phishing attacks, zero-day malware, and other email-borne threats such as spam, viruses, graymail, and more.

  • Secures vital data with data loss prevention and encryption.
  • Protects mailboxes, regardless if they reside on premises, or in Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, Gmail, or other hosted email platforms.
  • Provides assurance of continuous email access without disruption.
  • Offers deployment flexibility. Choose between cloud-based deployment, on-premises hardware or virtual email security appliances, or a hybrid combination at no additional cost.
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Layered security to fight today’s email threats

Respond to email threats faster

Real-time critical analysis and billions of data points across key threat vectors—file, web, message, and network—provide unparalleled visibility and protection.

Leverage the industry’s top zero-day anti-malware engine

Rescan embedded URLs at each click. Behavioral analysis emulates destination URL contents, and anti-phishing protection follows emails everywhere they go, including mobile devices.

Reinforce anti-phishing training

Unmask URLs with a safe preview that displays a screenshot of the destination web page, allowing users to decide how to proceed.

Block malicious attachments

Built-in McAfee Global Threat Intelligence uncovers dangerous file attachments, while integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense provides file emulation, static code analysis, and sandboxing to further enhance your email security.

Keep data secure

Prevent data compromise while eliminating the need for separate solutions. McAfee Email Protection includes data loss prevention, encryption, file fingerprinting, and compliance templates.

Strengthen email security for Office 365

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Phishing Deceives the Masses

Phishing Deceives the Masses

With 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks originating from a successful phishing attempt, this tactic remains exceedingly difficult to detect. Put your phishing knowledge to the test and see how others have performed in our phishing quiz.

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System Requirements

McAfee Email Protection gives you the flexibility to deploy email security your way. Choose from a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, an on-premises solution (virtual appliance, hardware appliance, or blade server), or a hybrid combination of the two.

For detailed technical specifications, see the system requirements.

Need additional technical resources? Visit the McAfee Expert Center.