McAfee Network Security Manager

McAfee Network Security Manager

Simple, centralized control for distributed McAfee intrusion prevention systems

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McAfee Network Security Manager gives you real-time visibility and control over all McAfee intrusion prevention systems deployed across your network. With its plug-and-play operation, easy-to-use functions, and web-based management, Network Security Manager saves you time, trouble, and operating costs.

Network Security Manager and Network Security Central Manager are available as a pre-configured, hardened appliance, or as a software-only option.

Network Security Manager delivers:

Fast deployment — Preconfigured templates, recommended-for-block policies, and a powerful and intuitive user interface enable administrators to rapidly bring up their network intrusion prevention systems.

Real-time control of real-time data — Manage, configure, and monitor all your McAfee intrusion prevention systems. An intuitive, customizable dashboard, accessible through any web browser, makes it easy — no matter where you are.

Faster time to resolution and faster time to confidence — Use up-to-the-minute input from all intrusion prevention system sensors to respond to threats quickly and make the right decisions.

Comprehensive protection — Count on proven management of intrusion prevention system configuration, policy, attack blocking, and automatic response actions for small networks, global enterprises, and high-traffic data centers.

Efficient compliance and reporting — Use our preconfigured threat-blocking policies or create your own policies. Easily define and automate distribution of custom graphical reports for audits and management reviews.

Features & Benefits

Gain consistent visibility and control

Manage and monitor multiple intrusion prevention devices from a single, centralized system. Get a complete threat and system summary in seconds from an at-a-glance dashboard.

Make better decisions faster

Get reliable, real-time information on all McAfee intrusion prevention systems across your network to accelerate your time to resolution and time to confidence. You can even simulate inline blocking to determine the potential impact when the intrusion prevention system recommends blocking an attack.

Streamline network management and lower costs

Reduce your administration and compliance workloads with integrated, automated policy creation and enforcement, plus enterprise-class auditing and reporting capabilities.

Implement policies to suit your needs

Create custom security policies for different enterprise locations, business units, and remote offices. Global policy editing makes it easy to set consistent policies across devices.

Block attacks from the minute you deploy

Stop hundreds of attacks right out of the box with 14 predefined intrusion prevention system security threat-blocking policies and hundreds of recommended-for-block intrusion prevention system signatures.

Demos / Tutorials


For guidance on how to use Network Security Manager, watch this Quick Tips video.

Customer Stories

Eagle Rock Energy

Eagle Rock Energy Partners is an energy company focused on upstream activities, including oil and gas drilling, production, and development. Eagle Rock has working oil and gas properties and development opportunities in the midcontinent area, Permian, and southeast regions of Texas, as well as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

  • Integrated security architecture paves the way for business expansion.
  • Comprehensive threat detection ensures that security events from every source are noted and logged.
  • The combination of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense thwarts inbound threats from the Internet.
  • Intrusion prevention monitors both external and internal activity.


Data Sheets

McAfee Network Security Manager

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee Network Security Central Manager

McAfee Network Security Central Manager eliminates policy maintenance bottlenecks to support compliance and improve efficiency.



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