Infographic: McAfee Labs Threats Report — June 2014

23 June 2014

McAfee released the McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2014, which details several notable trends, ranging from mobile app malware to botnet and rootkit threats.

Attack of the Flappy Bird clones
McAfee Labs sampled 300 Flappy Bird clones — 79% contained malware.

We must be diligent and persistently aware of our own behaviors to prevent the installation of malicious code. Mitigation via software controls (antimalware, secure containers, and the like) are just a step in this process. Be aware and in control of where you encounter, acquire, or install apps and games. Strong and safe device "hygiene" and common sense go a long way.

Not a "Miner" Issue
McAfee Labs has been watching the malware offered by botnet tool vendors and has noticed that many now offer virtual currency mining capability.

However, McAfee Labs believes that it is unlikely that botnet operators can make more money from botnets by turning on the virtual currency mining feature. The only people making money from this capability are those who are selling bot tools.

Rootkits Look to Rebound
McAfee Labs believes that new rootkit samples will grow as attackers learn how to circumvent security protection in 64-bit systems.

We can’t rely solely on any microprocessor or OS to build roadblocks because they will eventually be bypassed. The best way to stop kernel attacks is to employ holistic defenses that combine hardware and software, in addition to multiple network and endpoint safeguards.

Mobile Malware Abuses Platform Vulnerabilities, Apps, and Services
McAfee Labs illustrates through several vignettes ways that malware is increasingly attacking mobile apps and applications services instead of the mobile platform itself.

Mobile platform protection is not enough. Mobile app developers need to do a better job protecting their apps, and users should be more vigilant when granting app permission requests.

The infographic below highlights key facts and figures discussed in the report. Read the full McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2014.

Infographic: McAfee Labs Threats Report — June 2014