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Digital Laundry

How virtual currency is used for money laundering and selling illicit products

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Cyber Crime and Cyber Espionage

An estimate of the economic cost

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Cyber Espionage Targeting South Korea

An in-depth analysis of Operation Troy

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Security Tips

From text message spam on smartphones to new malware that hijacks and locks down computers, Internet threats are continually evolving. Learn how the latest online threats operate and the key steps you can take to protect your email, network, and business.

How Cybercriminals Target Social Media Accounts

Cybercriminals are targeting social media users’ accounts now more than ever.

Infographic: Welcome to the Age of Big Security Data

According to the report ‘Needle in a Datastack’, businesses are vulnerable to security breaches due to their inability to properly analyze or store big data.

Infographic: How Confident Are Online Consumers?

This infographic looks at consumer attitudes toward shopping online and outlines how a security breach or the lack of a visible security policy or indicator can change a consumer’s decision to do business on a website, directly impacting an online merchant’s sales conversions.

Threat Trends

Whether you are a security professional or simply looking to learn more about online threats, McAfee researchers will guide you through the current threat landscape. Our analysis helps you understand overall threat trends, how malware and Internet threats are evolving, and which devices and payloads cybercriminals are targeting — key insights that can help you protect your business.

Cybercrime Industry Enables Point-of-Service (POS) Attacks

The cybercrime ecosystem that sells packaged malware makes point-of-sale (POS) breaches against retailers easier than ever for cybercriminals.

Malicious Signed Binaries Crush Certificate Authority Reputation

A drastic increase of malicious signed binaries has led to a lack of faith in the long-trusted certificate authority (CA) protocol.

Microsoft Office Zero-Day Exploit Reveals Deeper Security Flaws

A zero-day exploit directed at Microsoft Office was executed by targeting the Word Open XML format (.docx) and using ActiveX control to spray heap memory in Office — a new exploitation trick.

Threats A-Z

McAfee Labs Threats Report – Fourth Quarter 2013

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Security Advice for Consumers

Tips to protect your home computers, mobile devices, and your family’s complete digital life