Forensic Investigative Services

Immediate crisis response

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The Foundstone Professional Services Forensic Investigation Team is ready to provide the special investigative skills needed to hunt down digital data. Staffed with some of the best and most experienced forensic talent in the business, the team responds immediately to help you through your crises by providing the investigative expertise and tools to answer your data breach questions.

Key Benefits

  • Get immediate analysis
    Forensic investigation consultants are dispatched to your site or can work remotely to analyze data at our Incident Response Lab.
  • Save time and money
    Investigations are kept focused and specific, and we maintain strict confidentiality in all forensic engagements.
  • Chain of custody
    Foundstone can maintain a documented chain of custody during the forensic investigation process. This allows for findings to be used in a court of law or for other such purposes.


The Foundstone Professional Services Forensic Investigative framework is based on a six-step process:

  • Determination of investigation scope and authority
  • Creation of investigative plan
  • Forensic acquisition of electronic data
  • Strict chain-of-custody management
  • Forensic analysis of acquired data
  • Reporting and follow-up

A typical engagement ranges from one to four weeks, depending on the scope of the investigation. Investigations with a large number of devices may take longer. During the investigation, we collaborate closely with your security, IT, human resources, legal, and compliance teams. A comprehensive report of our findings is provided to you at the end of the engagement.