Application & Software Development Lifecycle

Produce secure, robust applications

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Integrating security into the application development lifecycle early produces more secure and robust applications at a lower cost. A common misconception is that applications should be secured after they are developed, but before deployment to the production environment. Performing an application security audit after applications are complete typically reveals massive amounts of security flaws. Some of these flaws can involve serious architectural issues. In a best-case scenario, developers can expect to invest an immense amount of time and effort to fix these flaws. In the worst case, the application may require recoding and an overhaul of its architecture. Performing application security in this manner is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Integrating security into the early phases of the software development lifecycle neutralizes this cost and produces more secure applications in far less time.

Our secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) service includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Check report with summary report card
  • Next-step recommendations
  • SSDLC one-day workshop with presentation
  • Key Benefits

    • Stay compliant
      Enterprises with unsecured applications are typically in violation of regulatory and legal compliance. Foundstone has an in-depth understanding of these regulatory strategies and how they relate to specific compliance issues. Regulations include:
      • GLBA
      • SOX
      • HIPAA
      • PCI
      • Federal Information Processing Standards
    • Assess risks across your application portfolio
      Enable a classification of your applications based on their risk profile. This allows you to apply the appropriate security measures throughout the software development lifecycle.

    • Create a customized software development lifecycle
      Establish a unique lifecycle based on how your organization currently develops software, as well as best practices that are tailored for your software development culture and environment.


    Foundstone measures the maturity of your application security efforts and helps you determine the next steps by evaluating your SSDLC against a baseline of our seven best-practice areas:

    • Awareness and training
    • Assessment and audit
    • Development and quality assurance
    • Compliance
    • Vulnerability response
    • Metrics and accountability
    • Operational security