Mobile Security Assessment

Discover and address mobile vulnerabilities

Next Steps:


Malicious intruders are constantly finding new ways to compromise your company’s network. One of the emerging methods favored by hackers is attacking improperly secured mobile devices like notebook computers, PDAs, Pocket PCs, smartphones, and BlackBerries. These mobile devices all have access to your corporate network via email, VPNs, and other remote access methods.

Foundstone continues with its pioneering efforts in the field of security by protecting your company from the latest mobile security threats. We will assess and attempt to penetrate your mobile network. This combined approach to identifying security vulnerabilities ensures that the greatest number security holes are discovered.

Key Benefits

  • Discover mobile vulnerabilities
    A combined approach of assessing and attempting to penetrate your mobile network ensures that the greatest number of vulnerabilities are uncovered.
  • Get next step recommendations
    Our deliverables include a Mobile Security Assessment Technical Report, an Executive Summary, and a half-day workshop with a Mobile Security Assessment Presentation.


Foundstone will follow the four major phases listed below during your assessment:

  • Architecture and design assessment
    Evaluate the infrastructure and security practices in the architecture and design.
  • Mobile client and server penetration testing
    Evaluate the security of the mobile devices and the backend servers that control them.
  • Mobile security assessment
    Evaluate the security of the mobile device from an end user's perspective and determine if the mobile device could allow potential compromise of confidential data, a denial of service, or other attacks.
  • Policy and procedure gap analysis
    Evaluate the gap of the current policies and procedures against known best practices according to the ISO 27001 / 27002 security standard.