Secure Virtualization Implementation Services

Discover vulnerabilities and protect your virtual infrastructure

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According to a recent InformationWeek survey, only one in eight enterprises have a formal security or information protection strategy for their virtual infrastructure. What is your security strategy for virtual infrastructure?

Whether you are contemplating, implementing, or currently managing a virtual infrastructure, you are probably quite comfortable with the economic and architectural flexibility benefits from virtualization. However, are you confident in your approach to vulnerability, security, and risk management? Was security part of the requirement when building your virtual infrastructure? Do you have proper policies and procedures to deal with rogue virtual servers, patch management, operating system separation, and change control? Are you aware of technology best practices to secure your virtual infrastructure?

Key Benefits

  • Identify and mitigate virtual infrastructure risks
    Foundstone reviews the people, process, and technology surrounding the targeted virtual infrastructure. Uncover vulnerabilities and gaps with industry accepted best practices to the architecture, configuration, and ongoing management of corporate assets. As part of our Secure Virtualization Implementation Services, Foundstone performs an agile assessment to analyze the key areas that influence the security of your virtual infrastructure. Obtaining this understanding of how virtualization affects your organization’s security posture can help you compare the findings with your desired security assurance level.
  • Address compliance-related challenges
    Foundstone’s experienced security consultants worked with virtualization vendors to secure their products, and are highly qualified to help you create a security report card for your virtual infrastructure.


Foundstone assesses your virtual infrastructure in the following three major phases:

  • Architecture and design review
    Foundstone provides insight into your current virtual infrastructure architecture and design, specifically as it relates to security.
  • Virtual infrastructure configuration review
    Foundstone assesses configurations of your virtual machines and hosts to identify any insecure configuration associated with the deployed product.
  • Policy and procedure gap analysis
    Through interviews, Foundstone determines whether current policies and procedures are adequate to cover the risks presented within virtual environments.

Secure Virtualization Implementation Services projects typically take one to two weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your virtual infrastructure.