Security, intelligence, and management through, within, and for virtualized environments

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Implementing virtualization solutions is challenging enough without security and compliance hindering performance and expected operational returns. With McAfee’s solutions for virtualized environments, you retain the operational benefits of virtualization while ensuring optimized virtual server security and compliance. Our solutions deliver new options for protection and operational efficiency — whether you are consolidating data centers, managing virtual desktop infrastructure, or looking to protect sensitive information within your databases.

As part of McAfee’s Security Connected framework, our solutions deliver real-time visibility and predictive capability enabled by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). McAfee GTI allows you to balance the business need to embrace all forms of virtualization while protecting your critical assets and sensitive data from compromise.

Your data center is evolving. Are you?

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Key Benefits

  • Advanced network threat detection
    Gain visibility through the virtualized environment with real-time threat intelligence.
  • Unique security management
    Get security management across virtualized servers with online, offline, and hypervisor-aware malware protection.
  • Purpose-built security for VDI environments
    Leverage security that enables protected and productive virtual desktops.
  • Data-level malware protection
    Use malware protection across shared storage infrastructure reducing risk of compromise.
  • Virtual machine host intrusion prevention
    Achieve host intrusion prevention for advanced protection of virtualized business endpoints and the data and transactions through them.
  • Virtual machine dynamic whitelisting and memory protection
    Block unwanted and unauthorized changes to virtualized servers that require best performance and highly effective security while subject to dynamic resource allocation.



RSA 2013: McAfee Interview on VMWare TV

McAfee MOVE AV provides strong anti-malware protection integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint to offload key antivirus and anti-malware functions to a hardened, tamperproof security virtual appliance, eliminating agent footprint.

Learn how the McAfee MOVE platform enables security for virtualized environments — without impacting the performance or availability of virtual machines.


Endpoint Protection

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus
McAfee MOVE AntiVirus

McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) AntiVirus optimizes McAfee virus protection for virtual desktops and servers without compromising performance or security, helping you realize operational returns and more effective security management.

McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced
McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced

McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced is the industry’s first server security solution that safeguards your critical servers from complex threats while preserving uptime and availability.

Database Security

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring
McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring stops attacks in real time, delivers sophisticated audit reports to help meet compliance requirements, and eases vulnerability remediation with virtual patching technology.

McAfee Security Scanner for Databases
McAfee Security Scanner for Databases

McAfee Security Scanner for Databases automatically finds databases on your network, determines if the latest patches have been applied, and tests for weak passwords, default accounts, and other common threats.


Secure Virtualization Implementation Services

Secure your virtual infrastructure. Foundstone uncovers vulnerabilities that present risks to your virtual infrastructure and boosts compliance with industry best practices.

Virtual Infrastructure Security Assessment

Uncover security vulnerabilities in your virtual infrastructure. Foundstone evaluates the architecture, configuration, and management of your virtualized environment to identify gaps with industry best practices and lower risk.


Data Sheets

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.


Evolving Your Data Center? Evolve Your Data Center Security

Traditional technologies for securing the evolving enterprise data center are being adapted by leading solution providers to work across a broad range of datacenter deployment scenarios. Enterprise buyers should look for solution providers that have explicitly adapted their solutions to work together in a layered, defense-in-depth approach for data center security.

Solution Briefs

Data Center Server Security Suites

McAfee Data Center Server Security Suites deliver the industry’s first comprehensive solution for securing mission-critical services in today’s mixed physical and virtual environments.

Expand Virtualization, Maintain Security

McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments AntiVirus (McAfee MOVE AntiVirus) tailors security systems to the special technical and management requirements of virtualization.

Securing the Next-Generation Data Center

Learn how to implement security at outset of a data center build-out, upgrade, or consolidation for maximum flexibility and advanced threat reduction.

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus: Optimized Security for Virtualized Environments

Learn how McAfee MOVE AntiVirus optimizes virus scanning for virtualized desktops and servers, providing essential protection and improved performance.

White Papers

Secure Virtualization in the Federal Government

McAfee solutions can help federal IT teams support more end users, more workloads, and more geographies, while adhering to strict government compliance standards.



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