McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Technology

A malicious website comes online.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) notices the anomalous behavior and predictively adjusts the website’s reputation so McAfee web security products can block access and protect customers. Then McAfee GTI looks out across its broad network of sensors and connects the dots between the website and associated malware, email messages, IP addresses, and other associations, adjusting the reputation of each related entity so McAfee’s security products — from endpoint to network to gateway — can protect users from cyberthreats at every angle. McAfee GTI offers the most comprehensive threat intelligence in the market. With visibility across all threat vectors — file, web, message, and network — and a view into the latest vulnerabilities across the IT industry, McAfee correlates real-world data collected from millions of sensors around the globe and delivers real-time, and often predictive, protection via its security products.

McAfee GTI includes the following cloud-based services:

  • McAfee GTI file reputation
  • McAfee GTI web reputation
  • McAfee GTI web categorization
  • McAfee GTI message reputation
  • McAfee GTI network connection reputation

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence — The Right Way
We at McAfee believe there are six principles that make Global Threat Intelligence effective, and are committed to delivering on each of them.

  1. Maintain a footprint that spans the Internet, including millions of sensors gathering real-world threat information.
  2. Gather and correlate data from and across all threat vectors, including file, web, message, and network.
  3. Ensure that data collection and threat intelligence distribution are cloud-based and performed in real time.
  4. Deliver reputation-based threat intelligence.
  5. Integrate threat intelligence into a complete suite of security products.
  6. Support the entire process with a global research team dedicated solely to threat intelligence.

Does your organization’s Internet connectivity policy preclude you from enabling McAfee GTI? If so, talk to your account manager about the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Server, a free virtual proxy server that consolidates McAfee client-to-cloud two-way communications.

Learn more about McAfee Global Threat Intelligence file, web, message, and network connection technologies.