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Security that Plays Well with Others (English)
Organizations need a way to orchestrate security components so that they to work together and present a unified coordinated defense. Intel Security’s open, integrated architecture can help legacy point products play well together, optimize the effectiveness of your entire security infrastructure, and simplify, unify, and advance the threat defense lifecycle.

Previsões do McAfee Labs Relatório sobre ameaças em 2016
This report includes two distinct views of the future: First, we look forward five years and predict how the cyber threat landscape will change and the security industry’s likely response. Then, we look tactically at 2016 and make specific predictions about expected threat activity.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Operationalizing Threat Intelligence (English)
Behind just about every legitimate alert your IT security receives is an adversary using multiple attack techniques to penetrate your infrastructure and compromise your vital data assets or systems. Today’s targeted multiphase attacks consist of a series of steps that make up the cyberattack chain: reconnaissance, scanning for vulnerabilities, exploitation, and, finally, exfiltration of valuable corporate data.

Monitor Continuously. Respond Swiftly. (English)
McAfee Active Response enhances ATA detection and remediation.

IT Confident in Advanced Threat Defenses, Yet Lacks Training and Effective Responses (English)
Defending against advanced and targeted attacks has become more important and challenging for IT and security professionals. Attackers leverage Internet resources to easily connect, upgrade, share and grow their arsenals, adding more sophisticated methods to find and exploit weaknesses in the security measures of an individual or organization.

O mercado oculto de dados
The marketplace for stolen digital information
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection (English)
The Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection solution leverages an innovative defense in-depth approach to monitor and manage the Internet of things (IoT) and industrial Internet deployments from silicon to cloud.

Solving a National Problem — Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection (English)
The risk of cyberattacks on critical infrastructures is no longer theoretical. Grid operators are investing aggressively in both physical and information security systems, and there is accumulating guidance from governments worldwide on measures that should, and, in some cases, must be taken to secure the supply and delivery of electricity.

Planning a Successful Move to Office 365 (English)
This paper outlines the security concerns of Microsoft Office 365 and will not only help you understand what those concerns are and what you need to know in order to make an informed decision about moving to Office 365, but it will also help you make the migration to Office 365 as smooth as possible once you’ve made that decision.

Intel Security and Siemens Healthcare Form Healthcare Cybersecurity Partnership (English)
Intel Security and Siemens Healthcare have partnered to design and build medical devices that protect vital healthcare data and patient information—without hindering performance. Siemens Healthcare products—such as Ultrasound System Security—now integrate Intel Security technologies creating safe and reliable medical devices. 

Security Considerations for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 EOS Migration Paths (English)
This white paper offers three options for Windows Server 2003 migration, along with a variety of measures you can take that will help you maintain a strong security posture in the face of today’s dynamic threat landscape.

The Radicati Group: Corporate Web Security Market Quadrant 2015 (English)
This report provides market analysis for corporate web security solutions, revealing Top Players, Trail Blazers, Specialists, and Mature Players. Intel Security is positioned as a Top Player in this report. 

Automotive Security Best Practices (English)
This white paper discusses security and privacy issues in the next-generation car and how computer attacks are now a clear and present danger for car users, dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers alike. Computer security joins reliability and safety as a cornerstone for consumer confidence and continued success in the automotive industry.

Automotive Security Best Practices - Executive Summary (English)
Executive summary for our white paper "Automotive Security Best Practices".

Grand Theft Data – Data Exfiltration Study: Actors, Tactics, and Detection (English)
Key findings on data exfiltration and recommendations on data loss prevention

Relatório do McAfee Labs sobre ameaças: Agosto de 2015
McAfee Labs’ quarterly analysis of key threat topics and trends.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Detenha o vazamento de dados
Data exfiltration tactics and techniques used by cyber thieves and how to combat data theft.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Proteção contra malware de GPU
Policies, procedures, and products that can protect against GPU attacks.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs