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Advanced Threat Defense for SIEM (English)
When advanced detection solutions, known as sandboxes, collaborate with SIEM solutions, enterprises can better understand and respond to unknown, advanced attacks. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager work in concert to extract relevant data from advanced malware and dramatically reduce time to response by minimizing uncertainty and accelerating remediation.

Gartner Digital Newsletter: Best Practices Against Advanced Threats (English)
The newsletter includes access to Gartner research ‘Five Styles of Advanced Threat Defense’ and discusses how Intel Security solutions help organizations with every aspect of their advanced threat defense strategy and has uniquely integrated them to provide a powerful security platform.

Resumo do relatório — A Internet das Coisas na área de saúde: recompensas e riscos
Este relatório ressalta a importância de que o setor incorpore segurança em seus dispositivos desde o início, em vez de depois.

The Healthcare Internet of Things: Rewards and Risks (English)
This report makes the case that industry must build security into healthcare devices and networks from the outset rather than as an afterthought.

PCI Guidance: Microsoft Windows Logging (English)
This paper discusses what is involved in establishing logging for Microsoft Windows systems, and discusses how those settings will also be useful in detecting system anomalies that could be indicative of system misuse or even a system breach.
Tópicos: Foundstone

Management of Native Encryption (English)
With the rapid increase of PCs, tablets, and other devices in the enterprise environment, it’s critical to ensure that sensitive data is secure, and one of the best ways to achieve it is with encryption. Intel Security data protection solutions offer a variety of encryption capabilities and solutions to cover both Windows and Apple devices.

Securosis: Leveraging Threat Intelligence In Incident Response/Management (English)
To contain an advanced attack you need to respond faster and smarter. Focusing on shortening the window between attack and detection, coupled with a solid plan to contain and remediate an attack provides the best chance to overcome the attack. This is one of the key pieces of knowledge for security experts.
Tópicos: SIEM

Relatório do McAfee Labs sobre ameaças: Fevereiro de 2015
McAfee Labs’ quarterly analysis of key threat topics and trends.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Como se proteger contra vulnerabilidades SSL em aplicativos móveis
Many mobile apps are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Learn how to protect against them.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Defeating the Angler Exploit Kit (English)
The Angler exploit kit has become one of the most popular and powerful attack kits. Learn how to protect against it.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Protecting Against Potentially Unwanted Programs (English)
PUPs are applications that have legitimate uses but have functions and behaviors that can be exploited against the user without the user’s consent. Learn about PUPs and how to contain them.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Hackers contra o sistema operacional humano — Resumo Executivo
This executive summary provides an overview of social engineering as an attack vector. It lists the psychological levers employed by social engineers to influence victims, communication channels used for attacks, and controls businesses should establish to reduce risk.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

Hacking the Human Operating System (English)
This in-depth report examines social engineering as an attack vector. It details the psychological levers employed by social engineers to influence victims, communication channels used for attacks, and controls businesses should establish to reduce risk.
Tópicos: McAfee Labs

The Business Value of Using McAfee IPS — IDC (English)
In this white paper, leading market intelligence firm IDC provides a compelling view of the business value and benefits gained from using McAfee Network Security Platform. Derived from in-depth interviews with existing McAfee IPS customers, the report data shows how an IPS can provide cost and time savings across an organization.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Endpoint Protection (English)
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange delivers innovative endpoint protection with a system that adapts and learns from threat encounters, and immediately neutralizes emerging attacks.

Signature-less IPS: Secure Beyond the Signature (English)
Learn how the McAfee signature-less intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology is changing the way malware is detected and blocked. Signature-based detection provides an important foundation for intrusion inspection, but a layered signature-less architecture greatly enhances malware detection and reduces the risk. Read about the seven signature-less detection methods McAfee offers and how they are transforming IPS.

A Well-Connected Sandbox (English)
A well-connected sandbox that is integrated from the network edge to endpoints is one of the most effective defenses against today’s constantly morphing and evasive advanced threats. This brief explains how McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, when integrated with other Intel Security solutions, provides an effective defense against zero-day threats.

Beyond Layer-7 Visibility: A Simpler Path to Endpoint Intelligence (English)
Security products with layer-7 visibility are great. But in order to dramatically improve your understanding of security events, you need to extend your vision to the specific application processes responsible for initiating a connection. It’s something we call Beyond Layer-7 Visibility.
Tópicos: Proteção de terminais

McAfee Next Generation Firewall Advanced Malware Protection (English)
McAfee Next Generation Firewall provides superior network protection through intelligence aware security controls that leverage information from global sources as well as other solutions, including McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.