Dawnay Day AV Standardizes on McAfee to Protect Network from Future Attacks

Dawnay Day AV is a financial services provider and advisory firm headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company offers stock brokering, mutual fund distribution, insurance and third party financial products to private and institutional clients throughout 45 branches in India.

Dawnay Day AV began its operations in early 2006 with a staff of 20 people. At that time, they were not protected by a security solution and were regularly hit with viruses that would compromise their computers. Dipesh Thakar, Dawnay Day’s Chief Technology Officer, was hired soon thereafter to manage the IT infrastructure and to deploy a security solution that would cover the requirements of the entire organization. Thakar began his search for the best IT security solution in the industry to ward off Internet-borne viruses and attacks. He knew his selection needed to protect the company’s virtual private network (VPN) as well as their servers, desktops and laptops, and could scale with Dawnay Day as they expanded their business throughout India. Since the majority of the their users would remotely log into the network and the company planned to host online training sessions for customers, Thakar also wanted to ensure all company content and communications remained protected.

“Since we are in the business of financial services, information security is of prime importance to us. Therefore picking the right IT security vendor and configuring their solution to our organizational needs was our biggest necessity and challenge,” explains Thakar.

The Dawnay Day AV IT team embarked on a comparative review of the top 10 Internet security products. During its review, the team rated each product using three main criteria: product features, support, and cost.

“McAfee made our short list of vendors because it’s one of the most stable products in the industry,” continues Thakar.

Prevention against network attacks
At the conclusion of an extensive product review, Thakar and his IT team selected McAfee because it met the company’s criteria and demonstrated ease of use, flexibility and scalability.

In June 2006, Dawnay Day purchased McAfee Network Security Platform (NSP), McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance, and McAfee Total Protection (ToPS) for Endpoint Advanced. First, Thakar and his team configured and deployed NSP at the perimeter to protect all 1,200 endpoints — a process that took only three days. Then the team spent four weeks deploying the Email and Web Security appliance, including defining all of the company’s data policies and requirements.

“We deployed Email and Web Security because it forms the basis for our organization’s security,” says Thakar.

Lastly, Thakar and his team configured and deployed ToPS to all endpoints over another three days. HCL Infosystems, a McAfee Security Alliance reseller, assisted with the implementation of these products and provides ongoing product support.

“McAfee has changed the trend in security product management by designing a truly user-friendly GUI interface,” explains Thakar. “They roll out product enhancements and upgrades in a timely fashion while backing up their customers with an unbeatable support organization. I can make a single call and be assured I’ll receive coordinated support; this reduces the pain of management and administration of our security infrastructure.”

"We consider McAfee the trend-setter in security product management. Not only were all of their products simple to implement, but each one handles every kind of security threat easily."

Dipesh Thakar
Chief Technology Officer, Dawnay Day AV

Managing a holistic security approach
Dawnay Day was quick to deploy McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) version 4.0 to manage their McAfee products. After implementing ePO, the management tasks of the security and infrastructure team became much easier and less time-consuming. Some features of exceptional value are the dashboard, integration with the domain controller, patch management control, automated endpoint system management, and multiple customizable report formats.

“In the last three years, we haven’t faced any security problems,” says Thakar. “Thanks to ePO, I get timely updates to all of our deployed solutions. Most importantly, McAfee protects my network and endpoints from all external attacks.”

Planning for a safe, virus-free future
In 2009, Dawnay Day AV plans to expand from 45 branches in India to 100 branches. In addition, the company anticipates adding a channel business with 100 more offices within the country. Since more users from these branches and channel offices will need to log into Dawnay Day’s VPN, Thakar would like to enhance the company’s network and email security.

In time, Thakar is considering adding advanced features such as encryption to further safeguard Dawnay Day’s network and endpoints. When the company is ready to purchase these extra security solutions, they plan to use McAfee.

“Once we have built trust with a vendor, we support expansion through the purchase of add-on solutions from them,” explains Thakar. “As Dawnay Day AV operations grow, we’ll increase our investment in McAfee as well.”

Dawnay Day AV

Customer profile

A large retail and institutional financial services provider in India with 45 branches throughout the country and 1,200 employees


Financial services

IT environment

A mix of 1,200 laptops and desktops running Windows across 45 branches, and 50 servers located at Mumbai headquarters


Proactively safeguard its network and internal systems from future virus attacks

McAfee solution

  • McAfee Network Security Platform
  • McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance
  • McAfee Total Protection (ToPS) for Endpoint Advanced
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0


  • Protects 1,200 endpoints against virus attacks
  • Proactively strengthens company’s network from compromise
  • Delivers powerful functionality, ease-of-use, and simplified administration