Corporate Citizenship

Our commitment to customers, partners, employees, and global communities

Nothing is more critical to our business than our enduring commitment to corporate citizenship. At McAfee, our mission to provide world-class security products, services, and support rests on a foundation of ethical business practices and dedication to corporate responsibility around the world. We respect and value our customers, partners, employees, and communities, and we consistently work to minimize our environmental impact.

Our dedication to corporate citizenship begins with our ethics policies and programs that cover all employees and partners. Through our industry-leading, anti-corruption training courses and our Ethics First program, we advance business integrity through hiring practices, training, and communications, ensuring that all McAfee employees and partners have the tools and resources to always do the right thing. As we deliver consistently high-quality products and award-winning support to our customers, we pledge to protect customers’ personal data as outlined in our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Our suite of security solutions originates from the hard work and creativity of McAfee employees around the world. As McAfee grows, we remain committed to a safe, healthy, fair, and flexible workplace for all employees. At the center of everything we do at McAfee stands our employees, making today’s digital world safer and more secure.

On the community front, our efforts are extensive. McAfee Cares, our employee-driven philanthropic program, now plays a key role in fighting cybercrime. McAfee Cares also actively engages in supporting an array of nonprofits and community activities through grants, matching employee donations, and volunteer work.

Our commitment to reducing McAfee’s impact on the environment is part of our steadfast dedication to corporate citizenship. Green initiatives are an increasingly important part of corporate business practices, and McAfee is no exception. Our environmental goals range from building quality products with smaller packaging and delivering software through online channels to offering employees ways to reduce their carbon footprint in and out of the office.

We are proud of our efforts in building corporate citizenship throughout our organization and we will continue to focus on new ways that McAfee and our employees can make a difference around the world.


At McAfee, our focus is our customers, whether they are consumers in homes, schools, small businesses, governments, service providers, or the largest global enterprises. We aim to deliver world-class products and support for all customers and partners, and our advancements are regularly recognized with awards from leading security industry groups. To protect the vital corporate and personal information of our customers, we maintain policies and security technologies that safeguard these critical assets.


McAfee maintains a workplace that fosters excellence, celebrates diversity, and encourages respect. Our broad benefits program includes flexible working arrangements, comprehensive healthcare plans, and other programs that promote a healthy work-life balance. We also maintain hiring practices and policies that encourage a diverse workplace and establish a culture based on respect and tolerance for others.

Partners & Suppliers

Through our SecurityAlliance Partner Program, McAfee offers partners access to our comprehensive security portfolio and recognizable brand. We maintain best-in-class supply chain practices and aim to expand relationships with certified businesses from diverse communities. Additionally, all McAfee partners and suppliers must comply with applicable U.S. export controls and regulations.

McAfee Online Safety for Kids

McAfee Online Safety for Kids is a free school program that aims to educate and protect children and parents from cyberthreats. Since 2009, McAfee and Intel employees, McAfee partners, and customers have volunteered to turn Online Safety for Kids into a global initiative, and have reached more than 200,000 children and parents worldwide.