Quality Products

At McAfee, our focus is our customers, whether they are consumers in homes, schools, small businesses, governments, service providers, or the largest global enterprises. Our dedication to delivering world-class products and support underscores our commitment to good corporate citizenship. McAfee recognizes that trust is essential for a company that provides critical security services. We always treat customers with the highest regard and commit to protecting their privacy, just as we strive to protect their systems and applications from current and emerging online threats.

Delivering the highest-quality products and services
Throughout our product development process, we establish and evaluate our software and appliances against predefined quality measures, ensuring consistently high standards in the products we release.

The McAfee approach to developing high-quality products begins with our engineering teams. Our training programs enhance the skills of our development and quality assurance engineers. In many cases, our engineers enhance their training with professional certifications.

Our Product Lifecycle Guideline (PLG) defines our software development process. The PLG incorporates several of the processes from higher levels of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) into our development environment, such as project planning, work product, in-process inspections, and quality planning and tracking. This framework supports the individual teams in using the specific development methodology most appropriate to their current project.

Critical customer collaboration
Customer participation is a key component of our success. Further enhancing our commitment to quality, our project teams use an iterative development methodology with significant customer input. We incorporate our customers at early stages of product development through the Joint Development Partner (JDP) program and at later stages through extensive beta-test programs. Through the JDP program, McAfee works closely with a small set of customers' feedback throughout multiple stages, beginning at requirements definition, continuing through validation of incremental feature drops, and culminating with an onsite visit by 10 to 12 JDP and beta partners.

McAfee internal testing activities occur at all stages of product development. Tests range from the unit and integration tests performed by developers to the various types of system tests executed by our quality assurance teams. We use different testing labs to support various types of system testing, including Live Virus, scalability, and general-purpose test labs.

Industry recognition
Customers, industry analysts, media, and security experts regularly recognize McAfee product capabilities and quality with formal awards and positive reviews. McAfee engineers and quality assurance experts are routinely invited to speak at industry conferences and events in recognition of their position as leaders in product innovation and quality.