Securing the Cloud with Strong Two-Factor Authentication through McAfee One Time Password

Cloudalize delivers on-demand cloud desktops and collaborative technologies as a service to create better ways for employees, IT, and businesses to work and collaborate on any device. Cloudalize is one of the first companies to offer globally available, cloud-hosted, on-demand virtual desktops, collaboration services, and applications through an automated provisioning portal to small and mid-sized businesses, managed service providers, hosting companies, and system integrators.

Cloud Security Goes to the Next Level
As a cloud service provider, Cloudalize stakes its business on the ability to provide a secure repository for its clients’ critical business information and IT resources. “The number one concern for our customers is security, and they worry about vulnerability to attacks when their critical data and applications are stored beyond the corporate firewall,” says Jeffrey Meesemaecker, co-founder of Cloudalize.

To guarantee the security levels its customers require, Cloudalize sought a solution that could go beyond standard single-password schemes. The company realized that requiring just one authentication method could make the organization vulnerable to security breaches since passwords could be shared, lost, or stolen. Furthermore, applications could be compromised when users apply the same password for multiple logins or use common and weak passwords. Instead, two-factor authentication uses two methods to validate a person’s identity, which, in turn, closes security gaps and reduces the threat of unauthorized access. “Two-factor authentication is widely recognized as industry best practice, and we are confident it provides the peace of mind our clients seek,” comments Meesemaecker.

No More Hardware-Based Solutions
For months Cloudalize searched for a solution that offered email/SMS-based two-factor authentication. As cloud desktops are provisioned within minutes, any solution that required the physical installation of hardware tokens on end users’ devices was not an option. One important requirement was that the authentication had to be easily deployed via customers’ mobile devices and non-hardware-based. Cloudalize sought a cost-effective solution that could send one-time passwords via email/SMS that integrate with Citrix NetScaler applications and Cloudalize’s end-user/reseller provisioning portals. Furthermore, the solution had to provide a customized look and feel, so the software tokens could be made available to white-label partners in an easy and cost-efficient manner.

Two-Factor Authentication via McAfee One Time Password
Cloudalize identified McAfee® One Time Password and its companion mobile software token, McAfee Pledge, as the two-factor authentication solutions that met its clients’ cloud desktop and provisioning portal access requirements. Fast and easy to install, configure, and maintain, McAfee One Time Password provides a secure means for Cloudalize clients to remotely access their data stored in the cloud environment. McAfee Pledge is a smartphone application that enables users to generate one-time passwords using their phones, without requiring the company to send an SMS message and without requiring the user to be connected to a network.

“McAfee One Time Password and [McAfee] Pledge are rock solid and cost effective. It is a walk in the park to deploy, and easy for our customers to use,” explains Meesemaecker. “It is a win-win for us as well as our clients.”

"McAfee One Time Password and [McAfee] Pledge are rock solid and cost effective. It is a walk in the park to deploy and easy for our customers to use."

Jeffrey Meesemaecker,
Co-Founder, Cloudalize

Flexible and Integrated Security
At Cloudalize, McAfee One Time Password provides two authentication methods: one-time passwords sent via email or SMS and one-time passwords generated using McAfee Pledge. McAfee One Time Password is integrated with Cloudalize’s Citrix NetScaler. This allows a cloud desktop customer to securely log on to his or her cloud desktop using only a web browser, on any device, including unauthorized networks or devices.

McAfee One Time Password is based on the industry-standard remote authentication dial-in user service (RADIUS), a client/server protocol for authenticating dial-in users and authorizing their access to requested systems and services. This enables Cloudalize to maintain user profiles and administer security policies from a central location.

Two Levels of Protection
Unlike single-password systems, McAfee One Time Password adds an additional step to the login process by asking the Cloudalize client to provide a one-time password, which is generated by the software token on the mobile device. The token itself is protected with a PIN code, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to the account.

McAfee Pledge permits Cloudalize’s customers to self-enroll their software tokens on their favorite mobile devices in just seconds, instead of waiting days for the delivery of a conventional hardware token. Additionally, McAfee Pledge allows graphical customization of software token profiles assigned to Cloudalize’s white-label channel partners. The software tokens allow employees to access their user accounts securely, while keeping the administration cost and tokens at a minimum.

Easy and Seamless Provisioning
In addition, McAfee One Time Password is integrated with Cloudalize’s provisioning and support portals using the OTP.NET API. The objective for Cloudalize is to integrate McAfee One Time Password while collaborating with service offerings.

Significant Savings of Money and Resources
Cloudalize was looking for a solution that was not only easy to install and integrate within its current environment but also provide ease of use to its employees. With McAfee One Time Password, the organization found exactly that— an easy, flexible, and secure solution. McAfee OTP offers a variety of authentication methods that are flexible and scalable for any use case an organization may encounter. In addition, this solution allows Cloudalize to provide as much self-service as possible to customers resulting in reduced operational costs, and fewer calls to the service desk.

True Competitive Advantage
“Our competitive advantage depends on the ability to provide secure, flexible, and reliable two-factor authentication. McAfee OTP proved to easily adjust to our complex data center infrastructure needs, which allows us to maintain a high level of security that results in happier end users, and reduced operational costs,” concludes Meesemaecker.


Customer profile

Cloud services provider based in Belgium


IT services

IT environment

Large amount of sensitive customer data residing in public cloud


Offer a cloud security solution that is cost effective, user-friendly, and secure

McAfee solutions

McAfee One Time Password


  • Grants customers the ability to self-enroll software tokens on their favorite mobile devices in seconds
  • Delivers easy integration with Citrix NetScaler and Cloudalize’s end-user and reseller provisioning portals
  • Reduces operational costs by providing easy compatibility with complex data center infrastructures