FW Murphy Manages Spam with McAfee Email Gateway

FW Murphy is a leading manufacturer of gauges and controllers for engines and engine-driven equipment. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with facilities in the U.S. and China, the company employs more than 400 people and serves thousands of customers globally. FW Murphy’s central email server is located in Tulsa and manages inbound and outbound email traffic for all of the company’s facilities worldwide.

Spam surges interrupt daily business
Spam surges were impacting FW Murphy’s ability to function. Some executives were experiencing over 100 spam emails a day in their inboxes. The company was also concerned about the Exchange server sitting on the edge of its network. It provided minimal security, and IT administrators needed to constantly update its operating system with patches—often with reboots—in order to ensure it was secure. FW Murphy had a legacy security solution in place but it wasn’t able to handle the spikes in spam volumes being experienced in every location. Since employees manage their own inboxes, ease-of-use was also essential.

Another of FW Murphy’s top IT priorities was to relieve some of the pressure of inbound mail and spam surges from the Exchange server, which had been weakening the server’s ability to process internal mail. Even though inbound threats were primarily spam and phishing emails, outbound threats of data leakage could also negatively affect business. “We wanted to maintain an image of a world-class business,” says Chris Ditto, Network Administrator for FW Murphy. “We didn’t want to be perceived as the ‘spammer’ vendor that sent spam emails or viruses to customers. For that reason, we needed an integrated, reputation-based gateway appliance that protects enterprise email systems from inbound as well as outbound threats.”

Choosing an industry-recognized, appliance-based solution
FW Murphy chose McAfee Email Gateway (formerly IronMail) from McAfee’s Network Security Business Unit (formerly Secure Computing) for several reasons, including the industry recognition McAfee Email Gateway has received, the price point, and its appliance-based approach. “We looked at Trend Micro’s Interscan VirusWall product and IronPort’s appliances during our pre-buy evaluation,” says Ditto. “At the time, managed services was not a route we wanted to take. And Trend Micro’s product required buying a host Windows server, which was a cost we didn’t want to incur. IronPort’s spam filtering did not catch nearly as much spam as McAfee Email Gateway, caught plus it was more difficult to manage. McAfee Email Gateway was the clear choice for its price, its effectiveness and its ease-of-use.”

When McAfee Email Gateway was deployed, both IT administrators and end users found it very easy to manage. “The deployment of Email Gateway was simpler than I could have imagined,” says Ditto. “We experienced minimal set-up time, and configuration was a breeze.” FW Murphy found that the reputation-based knowledge provided by TrustedSource™ enables more accurate spam and malware protection, resulting in spam-free executive inboxes.

FW Murphy also appreciates that McAfee Email Gateway requires little-to-zero daily interaction from an administrative standpoint. The automatic updates from both Email Gateway and TrustedSource mean that FW Murphy’s administrators do not have to constantly train Email Gateway’s spam engines.

"We thought we were purchasing an anti-spam and anti-virus product. Instead, we were excited to find that we had implemented a key tool that helps us realize our business goals and keeps our company on track."

Chris Ditto
Network Administrator, FW Murphy

Dramatic reduction in spam, dramatic increase in employee productivity
With the McAfee Email Gateway appliance in place, FW Murphy sees a dramatic decrease in the spam coming into users’ inboxes. Thousands of illegitimate messages are now dropped or quarantined. This means a much smaller impact on the Exchange server, eliminating the expense of a separate Exchange server to act as an edge transport server. The McAfee Email Gateway deployment also proved to be very cost-efficient: email related helpdesk calls have dropped by 95 percent.

Productivity has increased, since end users no longer have to open their inboxes and delete 96 percent of their email messages as spam. Administrators experience lower overhead because they do not have to “baby-sit” and monitor spam detection. They are able to concentrate on strategic and business-enabling initiatives instead. Additionally, employees can now easily manage their own inboxes. They can access Email Gateway’s End User Quarantine Web site to access any spam email that is “questionable” and allow it to pass through to their mailbox, “whitelist” the sender for the future, or simply delete the emails in the quarantine.

“McAfee Email Gateway has helped us to exponentially increase productivity by eliminating the clutter and wasted time associated with today’s abundance of spam email,” concludes Ditto. “I no longer have to be concerned about anything related to spam—the McAfee Email Gateway appliance does the worrying for me. I can focus on strategic initiatives instead of reactive measures to the latest spammer’s tactics. We thought we were purchasing an anti-spam and anti-virus product. Instead, as a result of McAfee’s superior security offering, we were excited to find that we implemented a key tool that helps us realize our business goals and keeps our company on track. And best of all, we no longer have to worry that we’ll spread viruses or spam to our customers. Our reputation depends upon that.”

FW Murphy

Customer profile

Leading manufacturer of gauges and controllers for engines and engine-driven equipment



IT environment

Central email server manages inbound and outbound email traffic for the company’s facilities worldwide


Block unwanted mail while allowing legitimate IP addresses; prevent outbound traffic from including spam that reaches customers; minimize the time and resources dedicated to monitoring and troubleshooting spam traffic

McAfee solution

McAfee Email Gateway (IronMail)


  • Blocks and quarantines emails that previously clogged the server and end-user inboxes—with one Exchange server
  • Easy to monitor email traffic knowing that only legitimate inbound and outbound traffic will be allowed, expediting business-centric emails to customers
  • Enables IT resources to be concentrated completely on strategic and business-enabling activities