McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business Frees Up IT by Providing Stability at Regional Healthcare Clinic

Located in the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley near the border of Mexico, Su Clinica Familiar’s six clinics serve a wide range of healthcare needs. At Su Clinica Familiar, no patient is turned away, regardless of ability to pay. The Clinic has 500 employees and treats thousands of patients daily. Limited U.S. government funding helps support the organization. So do 300 desktops and 30 servers running primarily in a Microsoft Windows 2003 environment. An IT director and a systems engineer are responsible for keeping this environment secure.

Managing mixture of security products took more than 20 hours each week
“Before we turned to McAfee, we were relying on a hodge podge of security solutions to protect us from viruses and other threats,” says Dave Hausmann, the systems engineer responsible for Su Clinica Familiar’s day-to-day IT security. “We had so many different applications, none of which did the job they were supposed to, and managing them all was just too complicated and time-consuming.”

Hausmann estimates that he spent 20 hours each week just on maintenance and upgrading of the various solutions. “Twenty hours a week doesn’t even count time spent dealing with systems crashes and other issues caused by some of the applications,” says Hausmann.

“All-in-one” security package with central management
Hausmann was familiar with McAfee and its McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) central management console because he had used McAfee Anti-Virus software with ePO at a number of other places he had worked prior to joining Su Clinica Familiar. “I knew we needed to centralize management and ePO does just that so I decided to test the McAfee Total Protection suite,” says Hausmann. “When I saw that McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business had all the security we need now, plus the functionality we’ll need in the near future, all in one package, all managed by ePO, that pretty much guaranteed who won our business.”

Total Protection for Secure Business provides a streamlined, enterprise-quality package designed specifically for medium-sized businesses. Total Protection for Secure business protects against the five threat vectors: endpoints, data, network, email and web with comprehensive endpoint protection, encryption, device control, and email and web filtering. Su Clinica Familiar has fully deployed desktop and server protection, with the exception of host intrusion prevention, and plans to roll out email and Web gateway security in the near future, as soon as it implements a Microsoft Exchange server. Encryption and device control will follow.

Much easier, simpler security management
With McAfee ePO, one central console manages all of the ToPS functionality for Su Clinica Familar — from monitoring virus interceptions and distributing new .DAT files to implementing email and web filtering policies. On the customizable ePO dashboard, graphs and charts show at-a-glance information, such as what percentage of systems have out-of-date .DAT files.

Hausmann set up ePO to automatically email him periodic built-in reports on numbers of viruses intercepted, and so on, as well as critical event reports — such as when more than a specified number of files or systems is out of compliance or has been infected.

“Controlling everything from a central management console makes my job so much easier,” notes Hausmann. “McAfee ePO is so easy to use I can set up profiles and tasks and then hand it off to others to monitor, which frees me up even more to work on non-security-related projects.”

"With McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business, I spend an average of five hours a week — instead of 20 — managing security. What’s more, our entire environment is more secure."

Dave Hausmann
Systems Engineer, Su Clinica Familiar

Slashing time spent on IT security by 75 percent and improving stability
Ease of security administration translates into huge time savings. “With McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business, I spend an average of five hours a week — instead of 20 — managing security,” says Hausmann. “What’s more, our entire environment is more secure.”

Su Clinica Familiar’s systems are also much more stable, with minimal downtime, ever since it switched to McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business. “Before, we had system crashes multiple times each day caused by some of our anti-virus products, which resulted in patients waiting longer while medical and administrative staff resorted to a manual process,” says Hausmann. “Now system crashes caused by security applications are nonexistent. As a result, we can serve our patients better.”

Safer Web surfing and reduced bandwidth
One of Hausmann’s favorite features of the Total Protection for Secure Business suite is McAfee SiteAdvisor®, which blocks websites the Clinic specifies as unsafe, as well as sites based on reputation data that McAfee is constantly updating. “SiteAdvisor keeps our end users from visiting sites that might let in spyware and Trojans and the like,” says Hausmann. “We’ve found that by blocking such sites, SiteAdvisor also frees up network bandwidth.”

Single vendor cost savings
When comparing the total price of a variety of separate security products to the price of the desktop and server protection Su Clinica Familiar now has with McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business, Hausmann thinks the two are comparable. However, when he adds in the additional email and Web gateway and data protection functionality that the Clinic has yet to take advantage of — including encryption and device control — the cost savings from going with McAfee rather than a host of security vendors is substantial. “Even if we didn’t add the other functionality and didn’t experience any cost savings, the time savings alone makes it worth going with McAfee,” says Hausmann.

In the future, Su Clinica Familiar plans to use the encryption functionality in the Total Protection for Secure Business Suite to enable its doctors to access data remotely. At present, strict rules forbid anyone from removing any patient or other confidential data from Su Clinica Familiar premises. With encrypted laptops, the risk of such data falling into the wrong hands would be greatly minimized. Clinic personnel will be able to take work home with them, or to answer patient-related calls from home while viewing relevant data on the laptop screen — something they cannot do now.

Peace of mind to focus on other issues
“The biggest benefit of McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business is time savings — it saves me 15 hours every week — but peace of mind goes hand in hand,” says Hausmann. “Knowing that we are being protected on so many different fronts allows me to focus on other things besides security.”

Su Clinica Familiar

Customer profile

Regional healthcare facility



IT environment

Su Clinica Familiar has 300 desktops and 30 servers in a Windows 2003 environment, across six locations


The Clinic must protect its systems and data from security threats and downtime, with limited personnel and budget

McAfee solution

McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business provides:
  • Desktop and server protection: antivirus, anti-malware, antispam, host intrusion prevention, anti-spyware, desktop firewall; and safe surfing
  • Email and Web gateway security: anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering/URL filtering
  • Data protection: full disk encryption and device control
  • Central management console: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator


  • Slashes time spent on security administration from 20 hours each week to five
  • Environment stabilized with zero system crashes vs.multiple crashes per day previously
  • Desktop and server protection alone offer cost savings over standalone products