McAfee Security Connected Framework Drives Compliance and Protects 24,000 Endpoints

Sutherland Global Services is an international provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and technology management services, with an integrated portfolio of analytics-driven, back-office, and customer-facing solutions that support the entire customer lifecycle. With headquarters in Rochester, New York, Sutherland employs more than 30,000 professionals deployed in over 40 locations in 14 countries.

Business Challenge: Manage Security and Compliance Across Widely Distributed Enterprise
Sutherland Global Services became a McAfee customer more than 20 years ago with an initial antivirus deployment to 5,000 endpoints. As the company grew and established a global presence, its security and compliance requirements have become more complex. Every day, Sutherland handles very sensitive internal and customer data that must be managed and secured in compliance with PCI and HIPAA regulations for both its physical and virtual environments. At the same time, the company must be able to manage the entire infrastructure cost-effectively.

Why McAfee: Integrated Security Connected Framework
Today, Sutherland’s IT infrastructure is a true McAfee Security Connected environment. McAfee AntiVirus, Encryption, and Data Loss Prevention solutions protect more than 24,000 endpoints including 9,000 virtual desktops and 1,500 laptops. All are automatically updated and managed through McAfee ePO software, McAfee Change Control for Servers, and McAfee File Integrity Monitoring. McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention sensors are deployed on the network perimeter. The McAfee solution configuration provides a truly integrated and comprehensive security infrastructure that simplifies IT management, streamlines compliance, and delivers peace of mind for Sutherland and its clients.

Business Benefit: Global Protection
Continuous enhancements and upgrades of features and capabilities of the initially deployed McAfee solution have resulted in the evolution of a state-of-the-art configuration—McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced. “Over the years, the upgrading process has been extremely smooth and seamless. Today, regular updates and notifications from McAfee help us manage viruses and ensure operational efficiency and continuity,” says Richard Hagen, associate vice president, global technology infrastructure at Sutherland. “Often, McAfee informs us about vulnerabilities even before they are announced by the software provider. This proactive approach helps us stay ahead of the game and respond to issues in a very timely manner.”

By preventing unauthorized data transfers both within and outside the organization network. McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention Endpoints protects company and customer data for both onsite and offsite employees. In addition, Sutherland has installed McAfee Disk Encryption for Laptops on 1,500 devices to secure company and client data when employees are working offsite. An especially powerful feature of McAfee Disk Encryption enables Sutherland to remotely encrypt the laptop’s hard drive in the event that it is lost or stolen. Hagen adds, “With McAfee, viruses have been virtually eliminated from our environment. In fact, we only experience one virus attack per year, which we are able to quickly neutralize and contain. Not having to worry about malware has significantly boosted the effectiveness of our dayto- day business operations.”

"We know our enterprise is secure with McAfee. We’re able to maximize compliance while minimizing complexity. We can easily expand our security by adding tools as we need them over time. The enhanced security framework is a key differentiator, especially for our banking and financial services customers."

Richard Hagen
Associate VP, Global Technology Infrastructure, Sutherland Global Services

Business Benefit 1: Simplified Administration
With McAfee ePO software providing a global view of the organization and a centralized management console, a two-person security team is able to manage all 24,000 endpoints and 1,000 servers. Through its automated virus definition updates for more than 80% of the servers and endpoints, McAfee ePO software ensures that every device is up to date and protected from the latest threats and frees the IT team from managing updates.

“The McAfee ePO management platform adds tremendous value to our organization. It’s a binding element that provides a single view and concurrent management of the numerous security solutions in our enterprise,” says Anurana Saluja, CISO and vice president of information security at Sutherland Global Services.

With more than 9,000 virtual desktops, Sutherland will soon transition these devices to McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) AntiVirus, a unique solution designed to relieve the overhead of traditional endpoint security, yet provide essential protection and performance. Currently, McAfee MOVE AntiVirus has been deployed at Sutherland’s Global Delivery Center in Kingston, Jamaica.

Business Benefit 2: Compliance Made Simple
With McAfee solutions in place for endpoint protection, encryption, and network intrusion prevention, Sutherland has a near-automatic mechanism for meeting the specific security measures of key regulations. The McAfee Change Control File Integrity Monitoring software, for instance, enables the company to validate PCI compliance in real time and includes QSA-friendly reports for simple PCI reporting. In addition, McAfee ePO software generates automated reports in the format necessary for security audits.

“The McAfee solutions are fundamental for compliance; in fact, we would be hard-pressed to meet regulatory standards without them and without the reporting capabilities of McAfee ePO software,” Saluja remarks. “For instance, by protecting our network perimeter, McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention covers an aspect of our environment that is particularly vulnerable to threats, and is of particular concern to regulatory bodies. The dynamic and intelligent traffic filtering provided by the solution mitigates a critical risk factor for our enterprise.”

Business Benefit 3: A Security Partner
“For our security infrastructure, we needed much more than a technology vendor. It was absolutely essential that we built a relationship with a partner that could help us manage our diverse set of customer requirements and a constantly evolving threat situation,” says Saluja. “McAfee offers that partnership, and the ongoing security intelligence we receive from McAfee solutions is crucial to helping us keep our business operations on the cutting edge.”

Sutherland Global Services

Customer profile

Global provider of business process and technology management services.


Consulting and business process services and solutions.

IT environment

30,000+ employees at over 40 global locations spanning 14 countries.


To protect sensitive data and ensure cost-efficient compliance with PCI and HIPAA.

McAfee solution

  • McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) software.
  • McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced.
  • McAfee Host Intrusion for Desktops.
  • McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention Endpoints.
  • McAfee Disk Encryption for Laptops.
  • McAfee Change Control for Servers.
  • McAfee Change Control File Integrity Monitoring.
  • McAfee Microsoft Exchange Security.
  • McAfee Network Security Platform.
  • McAfee Enterprise Customer Support.


  • Virus attacks are virtually nonexistent throughout the globally distributed enterprise.
  • Central McAfee ePO console enables global management of entire IT infrastructure by only a two-person IT staff.
  • Industry-leading reporting tools facilitate compliance.
  • Automatic updates improve operational efficiency and ease burden on IT staff.
  • McAfee updates and notifications enable proactive response to threats.