McAfee Protects Data and Business Processes for TELUS International Philippines Internal and External Customers

TELUS International Philippines delivers cost-effective, high-quality call center and IT solutions for customer care, sales, technical support, market research, back-office support, IT development, and other business process outsourcing. Approximately 8,000 employees, based primarily in the Philippines, handle hundreds of thousands of calls each day for clients in the utilities, technology, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, and financial services industries worldwide. TELUS International Philippines is backed by TELUS Corporation, the second largest telecommunications service provider in Canada.

Security Is Integral to Doing Business
“Our business depends on a strong security program,” says Anton Bonifacio, regional director of security for TELUS International Philippines. “In fact, most of our requests for proposals (RFPs) contain detailed securityrelated requirements, including but not limited to PCI certification. Ten years ago, our customers’ focus was purely on technology and services; today, security has become an integral part of doing business.”

TELUS International Philippines knew that it needed more robust defense than just antivirus software and firewalls. “In addition to greater protection, we needed enterprise-wide control and visibility to mitigate security risks,” adds Bonifacio. “Most importantly, we needed to protect our customers’ data and be able to give them the peace of mind that, at the end of the day, their information and business processes are safe with us.”

TELUS International Philippines set out to design a PCI DSS-certified security infrastructure that would protect external as well as internal clients’ data and provide high availability for clients’ business processes. “PCI was the catalyst but we wanted more than just PCI certification; we wanted a formidable, sustainable, yet dynamic security infrastructure,” notes Bonifacio. “We knew that our success would depend on choosing the right security products as well as tightly integrating those products with our people and processes.”

A Multilayered Approach to Security
After a rigorous evaluation process, TELUS International Philippines chose the Security Connected framework from McAfee as the foundation for its multilayered security infrastructure. “We were particularly impressed with McAfee, the company, and it’s pure security focus,” states Bonifacio. “McAfee has always been on the forefront of security technology and is continually upgrading and improving its products. We wanted the strength of the McAfee research team and McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) in our arsenal. Nothing else came close.”

The company deployed the following McAfee solutions to protect endpoints, network, and data:

  • Central management—McAfee ePO software enables TELUS International administrators to manage multiple McAfee solutions and other security solutions from a single pane of glass
  • Endpoint protection—McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint provides antivirus, antispyware, host intrusion prevention, and McAfee SiteAdvisor for safer surfing
  • Network security—Four McAfee Network Security Platform Model 3050 appliances detect and prevent unwanted network intrusions. McAfee Email Gateway appliances guard against malicious incoming email traffic and outgoing data loss.
  • “Data protection is our number one security priority. Controlling what leaves our network has become even more important than controlling what enters it… That’s why McAfee Data Loss Prevention is a lifesaver.”

    Anton Bonifacio
    Regional Director of Security, TELUS International Philippines
  • Content security—McAfee Endpoint Encryption provides full disk and file and folder endpoint encryption for company management’s laptops. McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention and McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention prevent sensitive data from leaving the enterprise.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance—McAfee Vulnerability Manager scans endpoints for vulnerabilities. In the future, the company is also planning to deploy McAfee Application Control to block unauthorized applications and changes to critical system files, directories, and configurations on their desktops and servers.
  • Technical support—McAfee Platinum Support provides TELUS IT administrators with 24/7 access to McAfee technical specialists
  • Real-time threat intelligence—McAfee GTI in a private cloud seamlessly enhances the predictive abilities of the company’s McAfee solutions. McAfee GTI collects and correlates threat data 24/7 from millions of sensors and 400 researchers around the globe and across all threat vectors—file, web, message, and network.

McAfee ePO Software: Security Central Command Center
McAfee ePO software gives Bonafacio and his team visibility and control across TELUS International Philippines’ enterprise. Customized dashboards and reports in McAfee ePO software show at-a-glance information captured by the company’s McAfee solutions as well as enable detailed drill-downs.

“McAfee ePO [software] is absolutely integral to day-to-day operations and reporting,” says Bonifacio. “It’s the hub from which I can view all of the relevant information security management information that I need. It’s the central command center for all my security-related metrics.” McAfee ePO software also significantly reduces the time required to produce relevant reports for TELUS management and auditors.

Accelerating and Easing Remediation
Every day, TELUS International Philippines faces multiple malware threats, but managing them is much easier and takes less time with McAfee ePO software and the company’s other McAfee solutions. “McAfee provides the backbone for dealing with these incidents,” explains Bonafacio. “McAfee endpoint protection is constantly detecting or quarantining virus outbreaks, McAfee Vulnerability Manager is detecting vulnerabilities and helping to ensure patch compliance, McAfee Network Security Platform is blocking network intrusions … and all the relevant data comes together within [McAfee] ePO [software], saving us hours each day in remediation.”

This extra layer of protection for TELUS helps the company comply with both regulatory and corporate regulations and prevents downtime.

Two-Fold Protection Against Data Loss
“Data protection is our number one security priority,” says Bonifacio. “Controlling what leaves our network has become even more important than controlling what enters it. Losing customer data would jeopardize our customer’s confidence in us and put our whole business at risk. That’s why McAfee Data Loss Prevention is a lifesaver.”

TELUS International Philippines relies on McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention to prevent data loss at its endpoints and on McAfee Network DLP to prevent data loss at the network level. For instance, McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention enforces company policy restricting the usage of USB devices. On the horizon is a project to roll out McAfee Network DLP and McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention policies and optimize them.

“McAfee ePO [software] is absolutely integral to day-today operations and reporting. It is the hub from which I can view all of the relevant security management information that I need. It is the central command center for all my security-related metrics.”

Anton Bonifacio
Regional Director of Security, TELUS International Philippines

Increased Customer Confidence
Protecting customer privacy is of utmost importance for Telus, and Bonifacio is known for saying that the key to implementing and maintaining a strong security program is harmony among people, process, and product. “If one of those three legs is broken,” declares Bonifacio, “your entire security structure will collapse. With integrated McAfee solutions as the product, I am free to focus mostly on people and processes.”

“As a BPO, we must be worthy of the highest level of trust or our customers will go elsewhere,” adds Bonacio. “With McAfee covering our endpoints, network, and data, our customers know that their data and business processes are in good hands.”

TELUS International Philippines

Customer profile

A leading global provider of customer call center and IT services


Business process outsourcing

IT environment

  • Call center handles hundreds of thousands of calls/transactions daily, many involving sensitive data
  • 5,000 endpoints and more than 50 network segments


Comply with PCI DSS and protect data and availability of processes for both external and internal clients

McAfee solution

  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
  • McAfee Global Threat Intelligence
  • McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint
  • McAfee Network Security Platform
  • McAfee Email Gateway
  • McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention
  • McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention
  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption
  • McAfee Vulnerability Manager


  • Improves visibility, control, and overall security posture with central security administration
  • Accelerates remediation of malware attacks daily
  • Provides two-fold defense against data loss
  • Increases customer confidence, willingness to do business