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Is this a familiar story? Isolated products create coverage gaps, impair visibility, sap budget, and leave incident responders dealing with targeted attacks scrambling and reacting. Employees become exhausted as attacks keep getting more subtle, complex, and hard to detect until after damage is done. And your board is demanding better information and confidence that business data, reputation, and systems are secure.

There’s a better way to secure your business.

Use the open Security Connected platform from McAfee as a unified, adaptive framework for encouraging McAfee and third-party products and services to learn from each other, share threat intelligence and context in real time, and act as a team to keep data and networks safe. It’s a sustainable way for your organization to reduce risk, incident volume and response time, and lower overhead and operational staff costs. While Security Connected is built with innovative technologies like a real-time messaging bus and collective threat intelligence, its biggest value is the daily optimized processes that empower your cybersecurity staff while helping your security posture.


Trending Topics

  • According to an Atlantic Council report sponsored by Intel Security, "The rewards of networked healthcare come with four main overlapping areas of concern, including accidental failures that erode trust. Should any high-profile failures take place, societies could easily turn their backs on networked medical devices, delaying their deployment for years or decades. Protecting patient privacy and sensitive health data is a second immediate concern, as malicious online hackers consider healthcare information especially valuable."
  • Under pressure from regulators and the public, healthcare IT teams want to react faster to detect and mitigate risks and know where to implement next-generation controls to ease the security and compliance burden. Security Connected can help healthcare organizations discover the visibility and efficiency of broader information security controls united by event correlation, contextual analytics, and compliance audit and enforcement. Learn more.
  • Critical Security Controls Adoption: Documenting improvements in visibility and risk posture, as well as a trend to adopting SIEM and threat intelligence, the new SANS Institute survey offers a progress report on the top 20 critical security controls (CSCs) for effective cyber defense. Learn more.
  • Black Hat 2014 Survey Results: Conference attendees agreed that advanced malware is still a major issue and a one-point product is not enough for protection. See how Security Connected can help mitigate risk.

Case Studies

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
"By taking advantage of the McAfee suite of products, managing security has been a big cost avoidance."
Texas Tech University Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC)
"My advice to anyone looking at security solutions is to focus on integration."
State of Colorado



Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) in Colorado
"Instead of focusing 80% of our time and resources on compliance with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA and 20% on real security risk improvement, the idea was to flip that."
new brunswick



Government of New Brunswick (GNB)
"With this project, our goal was to improve the view into GNB-wide security events while at the same time leveraging existing security solutions."


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  • Defending Cyber-Physical Systems from Attack Chains
    Lorie Wigle - March 31, 2015

    A strong defense against compromise involves three layers: hardening devices, securing communications, and monitoring behavior.  If criminals breach data security and steal credit card numbers or personal information, your company suffers loss of reputation and potentially significant intangible costs. If they breach security of your cyber-physical control systems, you could be facing damage or destruction […]

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