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Most organizations deploy security products from multiple vendors that do not interact with each other. In today’s fast evolving threat landscape, this not only increases operational costs, it may even increase risk. Security challenges now require open, collaborative approaches to detect threats, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.

The Intel Security Innovation Alliance provides our customers with integrated security solutions that allow them to resolve more threats faster with fewer resources. This is accomplished through close collaboration with third-party partners in the Innovation Alliance Program. It is a critical component to empowering our customers to address all stages of the threat defense lifecycle.

The Intel Security Innovation Alliance is a technology partnering program that:

  • Accelerates the development of interoperable security products.
  • Simplifies the integration of these products with complex customer environments.
  • Provides a truly integrated, connected security ecosystem to maximize the value of existing customer investments, improve efficiency, maximize protection, and reduce operational costs.
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Driving Technology Leadership

Intel Security Innovation Alliance partners are screened for innovation, strategic value, and market leadership in their respective market segments that complement the Intel Security solution portfolio.

Central to our relationship with each partner is at least one customer use case. Use cases are driven by the needs of mutual customers and are built around innovative integration ideas. Use cases improve threat visibility and create powerful new security behaviors and workflows.

Only after the partner completes extensive Intel Security Engineering testing, will the integrated product receive the McAfee Compatible designation. This expanded portfolio of tightly integrated solutions is part of an extended security system that helps protect, detect, and correct threats faster and more effectively than any single solution.

For a brief profile of partners and joint solutions that complement Intel Security solutions, browse the Security Innovation Alliance Partner Directory.

Partnership Integration Tracks & Levels

Today’s sophisticated attacks can cause business disruptions, damage brand reputation, and create legal liabilities. Large organizations deploy solutions from multiple vendors because the truth is no single vendor can meet all of their security and compliance needs. But today’s security threats and economic challenges demand that products from multiple vendors interoperate to provide better protection, reduce operational costs, and protect, detect, and correct threat defense lifecycle.

The Innovation Alliance is a technology partnering program created to help accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments. We work with innovative security software vendors who have products that can enhance, augment, strengthen, and broaden the core functionality of our advanced, diverse product portfolio. Working together, Intel Security and its partners deliver solutions more comprehensive than those available from any single vendor.

Participation in the Innovation Alliance allows partners to extend their reach and create new revenue opportunities by adding complementary capabilities not found in our core offerings.

To help you achieve success, the Intel Security Innovation Alliance Program provides everything you need —expert technical support, tools to facilitate integration development, Intel Security product access for joint solution development, comprehensive product training, and global go to market activities. As a trusted brand and market leader, Intel Security can help you open up new market opportunities so that you can grow your market presence as we help our customers strengthen their security environment.

Partner Participation Levels

Innovation Alliance provides benefits that accumulate as you strengthen your commitment to the partnership.

  • Associate Partners: Receive access to our engineering resources to make their products compatible with Intel Security solutions.
  • Technology Partners: Receive the designation and use of the “McAfee Compatible” and are eligible for several joint marketing opportunities.
  • Sales Teaming Partners: The Intel Security Innovation Alliance offers a Sales Teaming Program which enables technology partners to increase market presence, market share, and revenue by leveraging our extensive sales force of more than 3,000 sales professionals.

Partnership Benefits

Innovation Alliance partners enjoy an extensive range of benefits tailored to each participation level and integration track.

The following table lists some of the benefits available to our partners. Additional benefits may be available based on the partner’s integration track.

Enablement Benefits

Associate Partners

Technology Partners

Welcome Kit
Access to SIA Technical Lead
Online Technical Product Training
Technical Newsletters

Technology Benefits

Associate Partners

Technology Partners

Not-for-Resale Copy of Relevant McAfee Products
McAfee Product Roadmap Reviews By Invitation By Invitation
Access to McAfee SDK and Developer Support (ePO integration track) Two Contacts Two Contacts
Access to Technical Support KnowledgeBase (ePO integration track)
Innovation Alliance Developer Conference (ePO integration track)

Sales & Marketing Benefits

Associate Partners

Technology Partners

Innovation Alliance Partner Directory
Intel Security Event Exhibition and Sponsorship By Invitation By Invitation
"McAfee Compatible" Logo  
Product Compatibility Announcement in Intel Security Newsletters  
PowerPoint Deck for Intel Security and Partner Sales Teams  
Co-Branded Solution Brief (2 pages, customer facing)   By Invitation
Intel Security Sales Engineering Training on Joint Solution   By Invitation
Press Release By Invitation Yes, Announcing Promotion to Technology Partner
Joint Webinar   By Invitation
Partner Advisory Council   By Invitation
Market Development Funds (MDF)   By Invitation

Partnership Requirements

To fully reap the benefits of a technology alliance with Intel Security, you must fulfill the Innovation Alliance program requirements. Participation in the Innovation Alliance program has obligations and may require certain fees. We designed the requirements to make it as easy as possible for our partners to achieve compatibility with Intel Security solutions, and for us to support you in that process. If you have any questions, please contact


Associate Partners

Technology Partners

Program Agreement
Assigned Alliance Manager
Assigned Marketing Contact
Two Assigned Development Contacts
Annual Program Fee Based on Integration Track Based on Integration Track
Compatibility Testing Fee Based on Integration Track Based on Integration Track
Compatibility Testing with Each Major Release