An Alternative to Postini: Is Cloud Application Provider Security Really Enough?

To click or not to click. How safe are your mobile users from phishing?

Postini end of life: Can you rely on a cloud application provider for security?

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Cloud application providers are great at making your business more productive. Services such as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are at the forefront of cloud application delivery — providing access to apps from anywhere you happen to be. But if you’re stuck relying on one of these providers for email security, you may want to ask yourself — are the built-in features really enough? Google’s announcement to end-of-life Postini and migrate customers to Google Apps, for example, leaves many wondering if it’s time to evaluate an alternative approach. Leaders in this space know there are many threat vectors and security vulnerabilities to protect against with an email security solution, including employees who may conduct work from mobile devices. Take a second to consider these key functions of email security:

  • Filtering out malware and noise — Many cloud providers will do this, but be sure to look at their catch rates, false positives, and malware detection. Oftentimes this will not be up to par with a dedicated security vendor, who can correlate data from a Global Threat Intelligence network to address concerns such as snowshoe spam, graymail, and threats that arrive as weblinks in emails.
  • Encrypting sensitive email — This feature is rarely offered by a cloud provider. If you do business in verticals such as legal services, finance, healthcare, or government, you need to encrypt sensitive emails to stay in compliance. In any industry, encrypting sensitive information sent via email is essential to protect your intellectual property, whether it’s business to business or business to consumer.
  • Stopping outbound email data loss automatically — The first step in understanding which emails should be encrypted or otherwise protected is identifying emails that contain sensitive data. An advanced feature of email security, integrated data loss prevention (DLP) identifies email content far beyond just credit card and social security numbers to help organizations block, encrypt, quarantine, or take action on sensitive information in an appropriate way. Prebuilt content rules enable compliance with the most common industry regulations right out of the box.

Whether your email is hosted in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both, comprehensive protection is essential to keep your data secure. Don’t let your business fall vulnerable to attack, out of compliance, or suffer data loss — instead, take the opportunity to layer advanced security technology on your email infrastructure and transition to a centrally managed security platform that meets the needs of your organization.

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