High Availability

Enable always-on connectivity and operations

McAfee Next Generation Firewall is designed to deliver high availability (HA). Built-in traffic load balancing and clustering capabilities allow for native active-active clustering and load balancing for up to 16 nodes, where nodes can be different models and different operating systems — without requiring a third-party clustering or load balancing product. This flexible design delivers high availability and high throughput in demanding data center environments and situations where processing-intensive security applications, such as deep inspection or VPNs, require more performance.

High availability also means easier, uninterrupted maintenance. Leveraging high availability technology, you can upgrade your clusters node-by-node without service breaks. Clusters can operate with different software versions and even with different hardware nodes during maintenance. This functionality provides high-value return on investment with reduced operational costs and improved quality of service.

High availability is built-in throughout McAfee Next Generation Firewall, including:

  • Security management
  • Log server
  • Firewall integrated active-active clustering for up to 16 nodes
  • Firewall integrated server load balancing
  • Support for network high availability and load balancing through McAfee Multi-Link technology
  • Layer 2 high availability and load balancing through interface link aggregation (802.3ad)

Key Benefits

  • Integrated Next Generation Firewall clustering

    Allows uninterrupted operations during system maintenance and updates.
  • Multi-link VPN

    Easily builds secure and resilient office-to-office connections.
  • Management and log server availability

    Provides for Next Generation Firewall management and maintenance without interruption.