Manage highly distributed customer environments with ease

McAfee Security Management Center (SMC) is the heart of the multi-tenancy system, and has been designed to accommodate even the largest organizations and managed security service providers (MSSPs) in the world. The SMC centralized platform provides these organizations with situational awareness of their various McAfee Next Generation Firewall services. Automated management tasks make service delivery both efficient and highly scalable.

Customized and isolated web portals provide customers, remote and local administrators, and management personnel with lightweight, web-based access to view their individual logs, scheduled reports, current policies, and the policy change history of their environments.

The same McAfee Next Generation Firewall can be shared across multiple administrative domain boundaries, gaining significant cost-efficiencies while maintaining strict containerization of individual customer security policies and environments.

The multi-tenancy functionality is perfectly suited for the deployment and management of virtualized environments, supporting up to 250 virtual contexts, with each having their own separate policies and routing tables.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for highly distributed and MSSP organizations

    Provides logical isolation of physically integrated domain instances and associated administrative controls via McAfee Security Management Center.
  • McAfee SMC is massively scalable

    Ideal for even the largest global organizations and MSSPs.
  • Supports the Next Generation Firewall features and functionality

    Allows for seamless integration and management of your Next Generation Firewall services, such as virtualization, quality of service, IPsec VPN, evasion protection, and more.