As cloud computing matures, more businesses consider adoption

November 2, 2012

Many decision-makers are investing in the cloud to run their businesses more efficiently. As cloud computing services mature, employers from around the world are taking advantage of the cloud's benefits to modernize their offices and stay ahead of competitors.

Cloud adoption rises around the world
As recent reports show, adoption is rising in countries outside of the United States, including India. According to a recent VMWare Cloud Index 2012 survey, commissioned by research firm Forrester Consulting, the majority of polled IT professionals in India agreed that cloud computing has become a top priority for institutions. Fifty percent of respondents' companies have already adopted a service, a number that has increased 25 percent in the past year, Informationweek India reported. Thirty percent of respondents also said their businesses plan to embrace the cloud within the next 18 months.

Benefits of the cloud
Adopting the cloud offers owners a range of benefits, including lower costs and more storage space. IT departments that implement cloud servers into their companies' infrastructures no longer have to spend money on expensive hardware. By following a pay-per-use plan, business owners only pay fees for used space. Employers can also benefit from the cloud's scalability to store as many documents or applications as they need, and some have chosen to use the cloud to analyze large amounts of information.  

According to Midsize Insider, experts also encourage organizations to use the cloud as part of their disaster-recovery plans, which can help businesses get back on their feet quickly. If a catastrophe threatens to destroy office buildings or damage onsite servers, decision-makers are assured that data backed up in the cloud can be easily accessed through devices with internet connections.

Cloud security to ensure data protection
Although cloud adoption is on the rise, many still have concerns over security. Sixty percent of respondents to the VMWare survey said they are wary of embracing the cloud because of security fears, Informationweek India reported. However, as long as preventative measures are in place, information will remain safe.

American Banker offered tips to ensure security in the cloud. Employers should communicate with vendors to discuss safety controls. Decision-makers should also enforce the use of strong passwords among workers and monitor cloud activity to block hacker attacks. Professionals must also consider employing other forms of data loss prevention, including firewalls and encryption.

-McAfee Cloud Security