Cloud backup could help SMBs with disaster recovery

January 9, 2012

Many technology experts say cloud computing is a reliable, low-cost disaster recovery strategy, but the majority of small- to medium-sized businesses still have inadequate or outdated recovery plans.

According to a recent report by a security and compliance auditing solutions provider, 87 percent of SMBs lack a sufficient disaster recovery solution. Meanwhile, 51 percent of IT department respondents said their company has a disaster recovery plan but they're unaware if it's up to date, and 13 percent of businesses have no strategy at all. Thirty-six percent of SMBs use back-ups for disaster recovery, the report said.

"The number of small businesses that have no written security or disaster recovery plan is a significant concern," said industry expert Elizabeth Ireland. "It seems counter intuitive, but even though smaller businesses have fewer resources, they need to pay more attention to security rather than less. Security needs to be more than a written document that you file and forget."

Many companies are using cloud services for data storage and backup, allowing them to secure data in a remote environment away from potential natural disasters. According to a recent survey of IT professionals, 50 percent of companies are currently or will soon back up business files in the cloud.

-McAfee Cloud Security