Dallas Cowboys implement cloud-based data backup, recovery solution

January 13, 2012

The Dallas Cowboys season may have come to a disappointing end, but their new cloud-based data backup and recovery solution ensures the team won't lose essential data and game footage ever again.

The Cowboys recently implemented an IT disaster recovery solution for backup of business information and vital game and training video footage. All files will be secured in a cloud environment and be instantly retrievable if primary storage servers unexpectedly go offline.

"We grew increasingly frustrated by the numerous hours of maintenance required by our archaic data tape backup system, which simply didn't offer the modern features and reliability to support our new virtualized data center," Bill Haggard, the Cowboys' director of enterprise infrastructure, said in a press release. "Losing data can be a major setback, and if there are no other copies available - you're in serious trouble."

The Cowboys' IT staff decided it was necessary to implement a data protection and backup solution that could secure hundred of hours of voice and video footage, as well as important business information.

According to a recent InformationWeek report, 43 percent of organizations are using or plan to implement a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy. The report said cloud vendors have improved security so companies feel more comfortable outsourcing data backup functions.

-McAfee Cloud Security