Experts: Enterprises will continue adopting cloud services, hybrid cloud in 2012

January 16, 2012

A number of businesses explored cloud computing services last year and many began moving traditional IT tasks to the cloud, but some experts say cloud adoption will become even more prevalent this year.

In a recent Channel Insider report, two enterprise IT experts provided their predictions regarding the future of cloud computing and how it will impact businesses. According to Jeffrey Kaplan, founder of THINKstrategies, companies that adopted the cloud are experiencing fast, measurable benefits, and more organizations will desire the ability to realize similar advantages this year.

"The more we hear about those success stories, the more it fuels interest and adoption of the broader array of cloud services," Kaplan told the source, adding that cloud providers have made improving security a priority to increase interest among enterprises.

Meanwhile, Michaelle Warren, president of MW Research & Consulting, told Channel Insider that hybrid cloud computing has become an enticing option for companies wanting to maintain some applications and data in their control, while outsourcing other IT functions to third-party cloud providers.

According to a recent survey, 39 percent of enterprise cloud adopters use both private and public cloud services, and 61 percent expect to implement a hybrid cloud approach in the future.

-McAfee Cloud Security