Consumer Electronics Show demonstrates growth of cloud computing

January 19, 2012

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show recently concluded in Las Vegas, but one technology expert says the convention should have been titled the Cloud Electronics Show.

In a recent InfoWorld report, columnist David Linthicum examined the trend of nearly every new technology incorporating some type of cloud function. Linthicum described what he calls the retail cloud revolution, a transformation where products like DVD players, TVs, car technology and other devices have a built-in cloud-based utility.

According to Linthicum, businesses and consumers still use the cloud for storage, application sharing and data backup, but non-traditional technology like entertainment devices and kitchen appliances now contain the ability to complete remote updates and other cloud features.

"It's interesting how cloud computing has seeped into consumer electronics over time," Linthicum explained. "The ability to add streaming from services such as Netflix to your DVD or TV has been around for a while, but that same cloud is now providing an application development platform for third parties."

The report cited the example of Mercedes-Benz, which announced a new dashboard computer capable of connecting with Facebook and other smartphone applications via the cloud.

Linthicum wasn't the only technology professional who noticed the cloud's increased impact on products at CES. According to experts at the International Consumer Electronics Conference, the shift to cloud-based applications was one of the most observed trends at CES.

-McAfee Cloud Security