Cloud, mobile, data management skills in high demand

February 6, 2012

Mobile, data management and cloud computing skills are in high demand among IT positions, but the amount of prospective employees who contain such experience is declining, according to a study by Bluewolf, a global business consulting firm.

The report revealed salaries for IT employees with cloud, mobile and data management skills are increasing, but there remains more demand for these technology positions than there are experienced workers in the IT job market.

"Organizations aren’t just competing against each other for qualified tech professionals - they're contending with an ever widening talent gap and the mass exodus of baby boomer retirees," said Bluewolf co-founder and principal Michael Kirven. "This poses a huge challenge for business as they scramble to adopt new flexible technologies that support the agile enterprise, but for those with the right skill sets, this should come as good news."

The average salary for a senior software developer will reach $99,000 this year, up 6 percent compared to 2011, the survey found. Salaries will also expand for Android, iPhone and iPad developers, evidence that more enterprises are deploying business applications on mobile devices to improve productivity.

Meanwhile, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence and customer relationship management software developers will experience significant salary hikes. Many of these programs will be cloud-based applications, as IT experts predict considerable growth in Software-as-a-Service adoption during the next few years.

In a recent Fox Business report, expert Rob Enderle said many small businesses are transferring several traditional enterprise programs to the cloud, including CRM and database management applications. According to a recent WANTED Analytics report, the amount of job advertisements requiring cloud skills is up 61 percent compared to one year ago.

-McAfee Cloud Security