UK businesses adopting cloud services to improve flexibility, decrease costs

February 8, 2012

Large companies originally ignited the rapid rise of enterprise cloud computing, but small businesses are now realizing they can also gain many of the cloud's advantages, including reduced IT costs.

According to a recent report, cloud adoption will increase this year in the United Kingdom due to all-sized businesess becoming more knowledgeable about several cloud services and their immense range of benefits.

"Many businesses are now starting to get the advantages of cloud computing. The bigger businesses got it first, but the smaller ones are now realising that cloud computing has real advantages for them and are starting to adopt more," Stuart Hibbert, chief executive of business tools provider, told the source. "Businesses are starting to look at flexible ways that they can actually allow their employees to work remotely."

Hibbert said employees increasingly desire a flexible working environment, and enterprises are recognizing they can deploy business applications across multiple laptops and mobile devices in the cloud.

The report cited a recent Corporate IT Forum study, which revealed 60 percent of UK businesses view technology as an enabler for improving their services and decreasing operating costs. The survey found that cloud computing, social media and communications are among the top priorities for companies this year, with 30 percent expecting the cloud to be the dominant focus.

Many United Kingdom businesses and government agencies fell victim to data loss in 2011, one possible reason more UK firms are expected to adopt a cloud-based data backup solution this year. According to a recent Fasthosts study, 82 percent of UK companies believe it's important to backup data offsite, although only 16 percent are currently using cloud-based storage.

-McAfee Cloud Security