Expert: Cloud technology changing 'everything'

February 15, 2012

Businesses throughout the world are migrating data and critical applications to the cloud, but according to some experts, the booming technology isn't just changing enterprise functions, it's changing everything.

In a recent Montreal Gazette column, technology expert Mitch Joel examined how cloud computing is forcing companies to rethink how they interact with consumers in the increasingly connected business world. According to Joel, cloud technology should be a top consideration for most enterprises, including the possibility of incorporating the cloud in their products and services.

"As mobile data and internet connectivity converge with faster speeds and more competitive pricing, everything is quickly moving to the cloud - from your business data to your home entertainment to new and interesting products and services to buy," Joel explained. "This creates new businesses, new job opportunities and much more innovation."

Joel proceeded to demonstrate how enterprise and consumer functions are being transferred to cloud environments, explaining that the majority of his business software and data is cloud-based, while his personal files like pictures, videos, music and documents are automatically synced and backed up in the cloud. Users no longer must purchase software and install it on every computer because cloud applications enable them to access the programs from any location, on multiple devices, he added.

Cloud vendors continue to launch new products and services designed specifically to help enterprises and consumers store and backup data and access software on numerous devices. Most experts believe cloud adoption will expand during the next few years, especially as more applications are deployed in the Software-as-a-Service model. According to Global Industry Analysts, the SaaS market will ascend to $26.5 billion by 2015.

-McAfee Cloud Security