U.K. public sector employees support adoption of cloud-based applications

February 16, 2012

United States government organizations are migrating traditional IT functions to the cloud as part of the country's Cloud First initiative, but other nations are also realizing the importance of implementing a universal cloud strategy.

According to Techworld, a recent Virgin Media Business survey revealed 61 percent of United Kingdom public sector organizations would desire the ability to access all software in a cloud environment. The research comes as the U.K. government nears its launch of G-Cloud, a private government cloud system that will include Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.

"This year will see the cloud take off," said Tony Grace, chief operating officer of Virgin Media Business. "This should come as no surprise given the benefits that can be gained through cloud technology such as only paying for what you use rather than having to build your infrastructure to cope with peak demand."

The study, which surveyed 5,000 government employees and business owners, found that 10 percent of public sector employees are already using cloud-based software daily, while 16 percent of private enterprise workers are doing the same.

"Businesses need to carefully choose the right supplier when commuting to the cloud to ensure disruption to services is kept to the absolute minimum," Grace said.

The U.K. public sector's acceptance of cloud computing highlights the rise of the technology throughout Europe. The European Commission recently finalized its new data protection act, which some experts believe will benefit European cloud providers who can ensure businesses that their private data will be protected in the cloud. Meanwhile, several research studies have revealed the U.S. and European nations will drive significant growth for the cloud industry during the next few years.

-McAfee Cloud Security