Cloud Security Alliance launches two new initiatives

February 27, 2012

Enterprises, government agencies and numerous other types of organizations continue to adopt cloud computing to improve efficiency, support greater mobility and reduce IT costs. However, despite the cloud industry expanding at a rapid pace, several current and prospective users remain fearful of perceived security concerns.

The Cloud Security Alliance, a nonprofit group of industry leaders created to promote the best security practices for cloud environments, recently unveiled two new initiatives for 2012. First, the CSA's Innovation Initiative focuses on organizations and cloud providers improving their policies and technology to support greater security in the cloud.

"The rapid growth in cloud computing has far outpaced the measures many enterprises have put in place to protect their sensitive data in the cloud, and opened up a new set of unique challenges concerning data privacy and residency due to inadequate control and visibility," said cloud security expert Pravin Kothari. "The CSA Innovation Initiative is a catalyst that will encourage such innovation to protect enterprise data in the cloud, address security concerns, and accelerate cloud adoption."

Additionally, the CSA has created the Mobile Computing Initiative to accommodate the growing importance of securing mobile devices, many of which are connected to company servers and cloud-based applications. CSA's newly-formed mobile working group will devise guidelines for securing mobile cloud architectures and for best practices in mobile application development. Security expert David Lingenfelter said mobile technology and cloud solutions are becoming difficult to separate, and it's critical for organizations to take smartphone and tablet vulnerabilities into account while developing cloud security policies.

According to Visiongain, the mobile cloud computing market will reach $45 billion by 2016, a 55 percent increase from 2011. With company information increasingly stored in email, on the web and across several other channels, many businesses and government agencies are adopting integrated cloud security solutions that enable IT departments to secure data in multiple clouds and on numerous devices.

-McAfee Cloud Security