Study: Cloud environments more secure than on-premise infrastructure

March 1, 2012

Despite businesses around the world adopting cloud-based technology for several critical functions, many IT decision-makers and enterprise executives are concerned about security and privacy in the cloud. However, numerous IT experts and research studies declare the opposite, with many reporting on-premise computing environments are actually less secure.

According to a recent study by a provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions, cloud environments are more secure than traditional infrastructure systems, a development that could facilitate even greater enterprise adoption of cloud-based services.

"While security can never be taken for granted, decisions around where and how to deploy IT infrastructure should be based on fact not fear," said Marty McGuffin, vice president of operations at the solutions provider. "Our research suggests that a well managed service provider can not only match the level of security found inside an enterprise's four walls, but actually exceed it."

The study revealed that cloud and service provider environments, when compared to in-house infrastructure systems, encounter less cyberthreats, see a lower frequency of each type of threat and experience less threats per impacted environment. Additionally, the report said web application attacks are among the most prevalent infrastructure security threats, affecting both on-premise and service provider systems.

One of the main reasons service provider environments are more secure than in-house systems is the ability of third party providers to indirectly include security benefits with their products, as their configuration and patch management knowledge during implementation often lead to reduced security risk.

Many businesses have opted to deploy security solutions designed specifically to protect company, employee and customer data in cloud-based environments. It's important for enterprises to select a security package that protects a wide range of information, including email, web and authentication data, across all connected networks and devices, experts say.

-McAfee Cloud Security