Cloud computing driving UK business growth

April 23, 2012

Increasing demand for cloud computing services in the United Kingdom is contributing to significant business growth in the technology sector, V3's Dan Worth reports.

Worth notes that while there have been many reports highlighting the success of major cloud service providers such as Google and Amazon, a number of smaller enterprises have also seen their businesses expand as companies come to realize the potential benefits of moving their operations to the cloud.

As a case in point, he cites Interoute, a UK telecommunications company. Its profits increased by 24 percent from 2010 to 2011, with total revenue reaching €366 million. According to chief executive Gareth Williams, 55 percent of their revenue now derives from cloud services, which include hosting other organizations' internal IT applications and websites, among others.

Interoute and other cloud vendors' success lead Worth to conclude that cloud computing "is becoming the norm" for companies from all industries.

Williams acknowledges, though, that some organizations still harbor significant concerns regarding the cloud, especially in regard to data protection and other security issues. Such worries are regularly cited as the primary barrier to full cloud adoption.

However, many computer security professionals argue that the cloud is not inherently less secure than older forms of networks or infrastructure. It simply requires unique cybersecurity precautions.

Vic Wrinkler, writing for a leading computer company, has pointed out that many cloud security risks can be mitigated by conducting proper research before selecting a cloud service provider. By choosing a company that offers a high degree of transparency, high-level security support and can demonstrate its ability to provide service will not suffer in the event of a disaster, such as fire or flood, the risk of suffering data loss or a security breach will be greatly diminished.

-McAfee Cloud Security