IDC and IDG Enterprise to host cloud computing event

May 2, 2012

While many individuals have begun to use cloud computing for a variety of tasks and businesses adapt strategies to the technology, many are still unclear as to what defines the new services. IDC and IDG Enterprise recently announced that they will host the Cloud Leadership Forum in Santa Clara, California, this June.

According to the release from the two companies, this conference is different from most as it will focus entirely on the use of cloud computing in the enterprise. Distinguished members of many leading IT firms and news providers, such as IDG Enterprise, Computerworld, CIO and IDC, will speak at the third annual forum.

The companies note that this year's iteration will include workshops focused on multi-cloud environments, cloud security software and policies, the different types of cloud infrastructures and more. The theme is labeled as "Strategies for the Dynamic Enterprise."

"The Cloud Leadership Forum 2012 is a unique gathering of top business leaders and technology influencers coming together to discuss cloud strategies they can't find elsewhere," said John Gallant, SVP and chief content officer at IDG Enterprise. "It is clear that the cloud has taken hold of a critical element for today's agile enterprise, and against this backdrop, this year's Cloud Leadership Forum will spotlight how the organizations are using this technology to change how IT resources are managed, to drive more efficient business processes and generate greater revenue opportunities for the entire enterprise."

One of the biggest dangers in using cloud computing technology is a lack of sufficient knowledge regarding it. Avoiding the technology will likely be frivolous, as Gartner predicts enterprises will spend more than $110 billion combined over the next six years to deploy different cloud-based resources. Knowledge, especially regarding security, is imperative.

-McAfee Cloud Security