Cloud computing can improve business efficiency

October 12, 2012

To improve the infrastructures of businesses and stay ahead of competitors, IT departments should consider investing in cloud computing services. Experts agree that using either public, private or hybrid cloud servers is becoming the preferred method for running organizations.

Cloud benefits
Company owners who use the cloud are awarded with improvements in worker productivity, unlimited storage space for data and lower costs. The cloud also offers professionals the option of working from home. Because employees can access materials via an internet connection, they can complete assignments from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Colleagues can also collaborate on projects and keep in touch.

Cloud services are changing the roles of IT departments. Professionals no longer have to deal solely with data security problems, and will have more time to handle other IT projects. According to CloudTweaks, the cloud offers applications and software designed to monitor issues in a company's network. If a problem arises, the program will notify the appropriate person.

Security concerns and data protection
Despite expert recommendations to adopt the cloud, many business owners still have reservations about data protection, and are worried that hackers or uneducated employees will threaten the safety of company information. As long as decision-makers put preventative measures in place - including security software, firewalls and password protections - they can be assured that materials will not fall in the wrong hands.

IT departments must research vendors and discuss contracts to ensure security in the cloud. According to Wired Magazine, company owners should also develop a strategic plan that outlines cloud computing procedures and policies. Executives are encouraged to educate their employees on safe cloud use, and remind IT staffs to monitor their actions. 

-McAfee Cloud Security