APAC People

Name : Chen
Job title : Research Scientist
Location : China

“I joined McAfee about 17 months ago. Prior to working here I was a Software Developer, and a Research Scientist. Now in my new role, I focus on Foundstone scanner content, HIP content and software vulnerabilities tracing and research.

It's fascinating work. What's more the hours are flexible and the research environment is excellent. I especially enjoy the interaction among the team members, be it for technical issues or general communication. And with such a supportive and sharing culture I am sure many of my friends would enjoy working here.

McAfee offers a creative and forward looking environment where hard work is recognized and information well communicated. I've been supported with training to improve my English language skills and other technical requirements for my job.”

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Name : Davis
Job title : Senior Software Engineer
Location : China

“My keen interest in computer security encouraged me to join McAfee. Previously I had been developing multi-media mobile systems in a chip design house. But for the past year I've had the opportunity to develop anti-virus products for mobile platforms. It was certainly the right career move for me.

A commitment to customer guidance, honesty, professionalism, teamwork and the drive to never stop advancing are the qualities you need to succeed here. And as the most experienced security solutions Research and Development team, by sharing these qualities, we all have an equal chance of creating excellent computer security products.

At McAfee you can work with many excellent, experienced and professional engineers and share knowledge and experiences with the best of the best. We're also backed by an enormous marketing resource, which helps us to get the most out of projects.

Here, different chances exist in different challenges, so if you're good at computer security, join us and let's show the power of McAfee to the world, because providing computer security solutions is the coolest thing around.”

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Name : Trent
Job title : Senior Manager Platinum Support
Location : Australia

“I've been with McAfee for over twelve years, starting with Network Associates in 2001 and held five roles overall throughout my tenure. When I look back at my time with McAfee there has always been a constant of support and guidance regarding learning and career progression. Managers, directors, and mentors want to see you succeed and achieve your goals and are always there to help you achieve. One thing I can say is that with the changing security landscape you very rarely have a quiet day.

The ability to be myself, improve myself, and the opportunity and freedom to make my own decisions based on experience and knowledge is what I love about working at McAfee. I have made a lot of friends throughout the years not only with other staff but customers as well. McAfee has given me the opportunity to see many parts of the world and have many experiences that I may not have been exposed to at other organizations.

It’s all about the people for me. Whether it’s my team, customers, or other employees, I enjoy watching them grow, succeed, and achieve their goals. Being able to set a goal for myself or team, plan for it, accomplish it, and develop along the way is very rewarding.

I know that the skills I've learned at McAfee will help me throughout my career. The infrastructure is setup for a person to succeed in their role with avenues available for an employee to maximize their ambition. If you want to challenge yourself, learn a lot, and have FUN along the way, then this is the place to be.”

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Name : Marsha
Job title : APAC Programs Marketing Director
Location : ANZ Region and APAC Partners

“I started my career as the Marketing Manager for ANZ, responsible for all elements of the marketing mix including channel strategy and execution, events, campaigns, public relations, and I supported the consumer sales team on key activities. Over time I worked on expanding my marketing skills and leadership development, and as the regional marketing team grew, I began to take on a team leader role.

Over the next few years there was a rapid increase in demands on marketing from the business. To sustain these demands I took on further responsibilities along with my core ANZ Marketing Manager role. Without an APAC team in place, I stepped in to coordinate channel marketing and PR across the region, assisted in APAC wide marketing operation projects, and ran APAC wide campaigns and launches. I was then promoted to the APAC Program Director role managing three people. This new focus was to run APAC lead generation programs, APAC B2B budget, end user database and other APAC wide marketing projects such as our email system. I also manage the communications and lead generation team of five.

I love the easy going, fun culture at McAfee. Everyone gets along, enjoys working hard, and celebrates their successes. I’ve been able to work in a lot of different areas in my role, which has enabled me to gain valuable experience and has helped put me in a position to be promoted through the department. McAfee and my managers have supported me well during my career, plus I’ve had great fun and met wonderful people along the way.”

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Name : Andrew
Job title : Sales Manager
Location : Seoul , Korea

“Immediately after graduating from university, I joined one of the biggest SI service companies, where I remained for almost eight years. My role was to take care of government and public customers as a Sales Rep, while developing new customers and managing a range of large projects.

I eventually moved jobs and began working for a local IDS vendor as Sales Director, which involved managing a team of over 10 Sales Reps and covering my own customers too. Finally, about three years ago, I joined McAfee.

Initially my role here was to launch IPS products with my colleagues and I successfully won a lot of important deals. Last year, I introduced Foundstone into the Korean Market, and closed a big deal worth of USD 400K.

Opportunities are here for the taking. As a leading company in the IT security industry, we've good products and great strategies in place, which provide individuals with everything they need to develop and grow. What's more, teamwork and strong relationships between customers and colleagues make a future here seem very positive indeed.”

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Name : Perlin
Job title : Financial Analyst
Location : Singapore

“I've been working at McAfee for a year and a half as a Financial Analyst. This involves management reporting, forecasting sales bookings, sales planning and tracking of sales rep performance against quotas.

My department's flat structure gives me the chance to learn more about the business from senior management and gain a wider perspective on things. It's a dynamic and assertive company, so you need to be independent, adaptable and ready to take the initiative.

There are great opportunities to build your skills portfolio and branch out into new areas of finance. You'll receive plenty of support and guidance from managers too. As a working mother it's important to have work-life balance. I'm glad that McAfee has helped me achieve this.”

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Name : Rakesh
Job title : Director, Enterprise Sales
Location : India

“I have been with the IT industry for close to 20 years, with over 10 years in the IT security space. During this period I have helped organizations automate their IT systems, improve their security posture in the process, and help them improve their operational efficiency and productivity. In the last five years with McAfee, I have helped set up the government vertical and grow the business by over 300% in the first three years. For the last two years, I have been running the enterprise business based out of Delhi.

I can proudly say that McAfee is the best company that I have ever worked for. We have a fantastic APAC leadership team, along with great values of transparency, honesty, and integrity. They have a genuine concern for people and their development. The sincere efforts by the leadership team to focus on employee training, personal development, and career progression are unmatched in the industry. The percentage of internal promotions and new jobs filled by internal candidates is a testimony for people development being accorded the top priority.

I love coming to office every single day. The trust and confidence the leadership team has with me and my capabilities makes me much more charged up to constantly raise the bar. We are in the best industry and the best company in this industry, where we constantly help organizations, citizens, countries, and its people to be safe. The fact that we work for this noble cause is very rewarding and satisfying.”

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