EMEA People

Name : Alison
Job title : Tier I Senior Gold Support Engineer
Location : United Kingdom

“I've been working for McAfee for almost 2 years now and I love it! I studied Languages (French, Italian) and International Trade at University, and after leaving, I initially worked for an IBM helpdesk supporting AMEX employees in Europe. This was a good introduction to working in Support and was ideal in the respect that I was able to keep up my language skills, taking calls in French, Italian and English.

After a year or two I was ready to progress into a more technical role, and was happy to be offered a job as Tier I Support at McAfee. I've recently been promoted to Senior Tier I Support, and I enjoy the greater responsibility as well as the fact that I am still able to interact with customers and troubleshoot technical issues.

I received great training opportunities, from the moment I joined, and the chance to gain certifications, take exams and improve skills in areas of interest to me. What's more, from the multicultural, friendly environment, to the relaxed open culture and helpful colleagues, you can't help but feel an integral and valued part of the team.

Customer orientated, committed, down to earth and hardworking, I'd be more than happy to recommend McAfee as a place to work to friends, as I feel that there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop new skills here, and progress within the company.”

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Name : Dal
Job title : Govt Account Manager (Internal Sales)
Location : United Kingdom

“Having joined Network Associates in 2002 as Sniffer Account Manager (internal Sales) I moved across to become a McAfee Account Manager after 2.5 years and have been here ever since. Over the 5 Years I've sold security solutions across all verticals and have received a wide range of sales and technical based training.

The great thing about working here is that McAfee recognizes the importance of employee development and supports career progression through a structured program. You really feel valued because performance is rewarded and further learning and development is actively encouraged.

As an employer McAfee is committed, flexible, organized, focussed and a sure-fire winner. Which suits me down to the ground!”

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Name : Dirk
Job title : Key Account Manager
Location : Germany

“After 6 years at Cable & Wireless, managing a sales team and service providers, then 2 years working for a System Integrator selling new products to new customers, I finally saw the light and joined McAfee 18 months ago.

The security market is growing really fast and my department at McAfee excels in delivering strong, best-of-breed products, and is well recognized in the marketplace as a result of this. Which means I've gained success and recognition too.

To succeed here, you need to work well under pressure, be goal orientated able to adapt to change and really understand what the business and our customers want. Overachievement is possible here, and excellent professional relationships with management only enhance this. Overall, this is a good company with a great strategy in a very interesting marketplace.”

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Name : Coskun
Job title : Systems Engineer
Location : Istanbul

“I graduated in 1998 from Eastern Mediterranean University with a degree in Physics. I started to work in a small software company as a Systems Engineer and met with McAfee in my second year of work at a large IT distributor, where I operated as a Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Engineer. After almost 10 years of experience in the field I joined McAfee in June 2006 as a Pre-Sales Systems Engineer.

I really enjoy the fact that I work in a small office in a close-knit, collaborative and friendly work environment. We also receive specific training classes to keep up-to-date on new technologies and products and are encouraged to be experts in our respective areas. What's more everyone (bosses as well as peers) have an open-door policy that allows employees to ask for support when they need it.

To be successful here you need to be driven, flexible, hardworking, team-oriented and open-minded. In return, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the industry, have access to the latest and best technologies and products in IT security and work with and learn from very smart professionals. I really like working with this awesome collection of people. They are fun, challenging and thrilling.”

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Name : Craig
Job title : Software Engineer
Location : United Kingdom

“I started at McAfee primarily involved with ePO integration of the Secure Content Management product. Over the past 14 months I have expanded my knowledge in this area so am still heavily involved with ePO, but because McAfee is the kind of company that likes to see progress, I haven't been restricted to being an expert in this one field. I am now seeking knowledge and I am becoming involved in other interesting areas too.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere made me feel at home from day one. Despite the first day nerves! And I was pleased to see that the enthusiasm and passion that I felt for my work was shared by the rest of the team. I would certainly recommend anybody to work here, if not for McAfee's great reputation, then because of the $2000 referral reward I'd receive! It's definitely doing something right anyway, to be worth the 60 miles from Swindon to Aylesbury and back that I do every day!

McAfee is open to so many types of opportunities, there are too many to list. The company is very supportive in helping you to achieve your career ambitions; I know from my own experience of working here (the little that I have, but enough), that provided you are enthusiastic, work hard and are willing to accept change from time to time, you will feel a sense of achievement and be rewarded for your efforts.

So if you want an exciting career in a fast moving industry, McAfee is definitely the place to work. Just don't forget to put my name down on the employee referral form”

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Name : David
Job title : Senior Marketing Manager (Direct Consumer & New Business)
Location : United Kingdom

“I originally studied Logistics at University, starting my career at Sainsbury's Logistics in London. After a short stint in food retailing I jumped to the much more glamorous fashion business, joining Christian Lacroix for three years setting up their UK distribution arm and retail operation. I then left and joined the new world of the Internet, initially in a small fashion company, then moving to online loyalty programs and permission marketing agencies.

I started at the bottom in marketing, with no official marketing qualification it was a case of proving what I could offer – luckily in the Internet everything is measured so only ROI positive programs and campaigns were the order of the day. After some great successes I was eventually seduced by a new start-up called ‘eBay'. New to the UK the business was struggling against QXL and had just a few hundred thousand customers.

Initially running the email marketing business I built it from about $30M to $155M within 18 months, shortly after that I moved to PayPal (eBay's financial services company) as Head of Marketing. Whilst here I launched the PayPal Credit Card, PayPal Mobile and was adding just over 1M new customers a quarter. I finally joined McAfee after almost 5 years with eBay in October 2006.

The potential of this business is huge. And my top five secrets for success are to be honest, lead by example, be flexible and adaptable to change, motivated and able to communicate effectively. The direct business is fast-paced, with many different channels through which we can reach the customer, including search, shopping and affiliate networks. It's a low-cost, high-margin model reflecting the consumer move to transacting online. I would expect substantial +20% growth this year in the direct business and similar levels across the business as a whole. Nobody does security products better!

I consider the total compensation package at McAfee to be fair and well balanced; having worked across fashion and food retail, plus numerous marketing disciplines over the past 10 years; the software business represents a good career opportunity. What's more, the company culture provides an environment in which talented, dedicated individuals are rewarded and recognized. It's been great to see so many employees rewarded in the short time I've been here.”

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Name : Graham
Job title : Development Director
Location : United Kingdom

“I joined McAfee 11 years ago as a senior software engineer. Shortly afterwards I moved to a team lead position looking after a small group of developers. Next I was promoted to senior development manager. After 3 more years I became an engineering director, looking after (at a peak) 50 engineering staff, working on a product line that generates tens of millions of pounds of revenue, used on every major continent.

As you can see by my career progression to date, opportunities here are only limited by the enthusiasm, commitment and skill of the individual. We are a meritocracy in that the best people will be recognized and always rise to the top and be offered additional responsibility to further stretch them. Ideally you need to be committed, enthusiastic, flexible, smart and willing. In return you'll have the chance to be involved in highly interesting work in a rapidly changing area of technology.

People should want to work here because the software security industry is never dull. You'll never hear conversations like “right, what feature shall we add to the general ledger program?” We are also fast-paced with at least 2 releases per year – no long, mundane project lifecycles here.”

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Name : Harpreet
Job title : Corporate Attorney
Location : United Kingdom

“I'm a relative new starter, having only been with McAfee one year, however in that time, I have been exposed to different aspects of the law across the EMEA region. I have been given the opportunity to be involved in some major high profile sales contracts, as well as assisting other departments in obtaining legal review.

The role as Corporate Attorney at McAfee is translated to “Facilitator”. It is the legal department's role to make things happen, as well as implementing processes to ensure the smooth running of operations. I enjoy the autonomy with which I'm allowed to operate, but also the strong team support and back up that I know is behind me.

As the leading Anti-Virus Software Company, there is great potential to grow, and gain experience in different majors. To be successful I believe you need to be positive, pro-active, energetic, aggressive and charismatic!”

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Name : Ilana
Job title : Strategic Account Executive
Location : France

“I am from the networking environment. I started with 3COM, and moved to NORTEL with a Pan-Euro position for 6 years. I was a sales person looking after WW deals on LAN/WAN aspects. My quota at this time was over 20 M$.

Then I wanted to join the security sector. After a short start-up experience with Crossbeam Systems, I spent 3 years at Websense as a Territory Manager for France. In mid 2005, the opportunity to join McAfee was offered to me.

I initially joined McAfee as a Channel Account Manager. I wanted to try this aspect of our business so I could clearly understand the Channel issues in the future (and become a Sales Manager myself one day!). After a year and a half, my “experience” was enough and I wanted to get back to a hands-on position. My manager and all the people involved in my career helped to reinstate me in a SAE role, and provided me with the area of business I was familiar with. Within a couple of weeks, my new position was effective.

Being an SAE, looking after critical French multinationals, means I need a large range of products/solutions, competitive pricing, efficient marketing, and a lot of trust from my manager. My position at McAfee includes all these key elements. I believe networking and security experience, autonomy, high-level negotiation skills and good language skills to all be vital to your success here.

I would certainly recommend this company to others, in fact I already have and the person has since joined! I recommended McAfee because I believe in the strategy and the range of products we have and believe that no other security company has our position on the market place. The fact that we have pains au chocolate and croissants every Friday morning also helps. It might seem a small detail. But trust me – on a regular basis, it's a nice one! ”

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Name : Ina
Job title : HR Manager
Location : Germany

“If you're looking for a challenge, you'll find one here. McAfee supports success-driven people in their career by offering training on the job, soft-skills trainings, internal coaching and job rotation.

Since joining 5 years ago, I've learnt a lot in a very short time from some really great people. I've been through several jobs in HR Specialist and Training, Semiconductor and IT. And the fast paced environment and constant changes really suit me. To succeed here, you need to be flexible, self-starting, committed, patient and highly success-driven.”

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Name : Kirk
Job title : SE Supporting the Nordic Region
Location : Denmark

“Having been with McAfee for only 10 months, the best thing about my work so far are the colleagues I've met, the nature of my work, and the fact that there's always something new and exciting to do.

Integrity, dedication and the will to succeed appear to be key qualities. During my time here I have been involved in several different areas including Firewall Management, IS auditing, Security Management and Disaster recovery planning. All of which have proved to be fun and challenging projects.

I like the fact that McAfee supports your ambitions and drives you to achieve your goals. In the words of the CEO “We have scary smart people, let us capitalize on our investment!” This attitude explains why the top management is always ready to listen to good ideas from people who have expert knowledge in a certain area.

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Name : Mandy
Job title : Office Manager
Location : United Kingdom

“I started at McAfee as a Temporary Receptionist in Dec 2000 and in January 2001 I was offered a permanent role, which I loved. Interacting with various people either face-to-face or over the phone while performing my administration duties kept each day busy and varied.

In July 2005 I applied for the role of Office Manager. This was the right decision for me as I had so much knowledge about the company and the staff. I used to assist the Office Managers while I was on the front desk so it seemed like a natural progression and didn't take me too long to ‘settle’ in. I enjoy my job tons. It can be stressful at times but very rewarding too.

The environment in this office is great. The best thing is the great communication between team members and managers and the way that everyone works very hard and enjoys what they do. Honesty, loyalty, hardworking, fair and supportive are what we pride ourselves on being. People have been here longer than 5 years... And that tells you something, that's commitment.

My job is very important to me. And all my colleagues feel the same way about their roles too. We're here to work together as a team, to ensure our customers are given the best support and keep McAfee the number 1 Security Vendor – always!”

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Name : Maria
Job title : HR Support
Location : United Kingdom

“I have been in this role for 5 years, during which time I've seen many changes in systems and processes on both a regional and global level. I've been lucky enough to be involved in the development projects for these changes and take great pride in their implementation. I've also been responsible for various data analysis roles at first on an EMEA level, building up to reporting a global level to McAfee Executives – a part of my role that I thoroughly enjoy.

McAfee's culture of investing in its employees makes the opportunity to realize your career ambitions a very real one. The training offered through the Internal Training Department along with the Education Assistance Programs should more than satisfy those that want to really take off in their chosen fields!

Add to all this, a real sense of team spirit, support and a “pull together” attitude amongst all functions within the HR Department; a culture of dedication, loyalty and pride in the company; a commitment to personal achievement, enthusiasm and drive; and an environment based around recognition and reward, plus very competitive compensation – you get an extremely attractive package indeed!”

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Name : Michael
Job title : Order Management Co-ordinator
Location : Ireland

“I graduated from Cork Institute of Technology, in 2001 and worked as a network administrator for a small local retailer, while continuing to study for my Masters Degree. I began working with SAP when I moved to a large dairy driven company, in early 2006 and moved to McAfee in September of that year.

McAfee is a great place to work. The open-plan office shared by four teams is an easygoing environment, which naturally encourages a hard working, fun loving attitude. (The hard work is satisfying and appreciated while the employees' social club serves up the fun!) This combined with everyone's approachable, “will help” attitude and the opportunities for travel, make McAfee a place I'd love my friends to work too.

There's an abundance of easily accessible training opportunities, and as with any global company, there's always an opportunity to move roles internally or to a new location. The Pay for Performance Scheme is another plus point and is well implemented, while a quarterly based bonus scheme provides a little extra motivation and shows that employees are well valued.”

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Name : Paul
Job title : Vice President of UK Product Development
Location : United Kingdom

“I joined in 1994 as a network consultant, moved into network testing in 1995 and subsequently made a proposal to senior management to start a network testing department. This was approved and I embarked on my first management role. The department flourished and in time became the overall QA department. After several years of increasing product quality and the maturing of our internal processes an opportunity to become the VP of engineering arose which after an extensive interview process resulted in my becoming the VP for UK product development.

Opportunities here are broad and the company is willing to help people explore alternative routes in their career should they display the appropriate ability and enthusiasm. For the right person, McAfee is a very enabling place to work. Opportunities exist for those prepared to provide commitment and demonstrate ability. For example, a large number of engineering senior management was line engineers with McAfee at some point. And even if management isn't your thing we have a parallel track of advancement for technical staff, meaning that seniority can be achieved without the need to become a manager.

Due to the nature of the security business McAfee is an environment of constant change, those that can adapt and learn new technologies quickly will thrive. You need to possess the ability to learn and accept alternative viewpoints and have confidence and commitment in everything you do. Working with truly professional, deeply technical people, there is an expert for everything here. And a day rarely goes by without learning something new either about the technology or myself”

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Name : Rob
Job title : Senior Distribution Manager
Location : United Kingdom

“I am very old, but try not to tell anyone! Throughout my career I've been very lucky and successful. However I strongly believe that you create your own value in an organization. And that most successful people are not born lucky – they work for it.

I've spent 30 years in IT, in various technical, sales, and senior management positions for a number of large international companies. My background before joining McAfee was primarily in hardware rather than software. And for many years I've been involved in channel sales management and therefore understand the value of selling with and through partners and trying to ensure a win-win scenario for all concerned.

McAfee offers progression to all motivated and focused sales people. It is positively aggressive in its attitude and actively looks for new markets and new technology (sometimes via acquisition). You are encouraged to look out for these opportunities yourself and successful sales and marketing people can progress by creating and then running them. There is also an emphasis on regular training for all team members and a clear goals, review and feedback mechanism to ensure good people stay and remain energized.”

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Name : Simon
Job title : Principal Engineer
Location : United Kingdom

“I've worked with various companies since 1985, including ABB, Honeywell Bull and Getronics. I joined McAfee 6 years ago and I particularly like the wide and accessible range of development positions and the broad remit to make the job what you wish.

Success here is always rewarded and there's a genuine belief that there's no limit to how far you can progress. Key qualities are that McAfee is open, innovative, determined and relaxed, we produce interesting, industry leading products and liaise well with customers.”

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Name : Mohamed
Job title : Tier 1 Gold Support
Location : United Kingdom

“The people and working environment are brilliant! McAfee is for everyone and anyone; it's definitely the career I've always wanted. The company is professional and supportive, with great opportunities and a fantastic reputation. Everyone has different ambitions, but McAfee can help you achieve your potential and beyond. The managers give you good advice and help you develop the character, skills, knowledge, communication and motivation you need to succeed. It's without doubt the best company I've worked for.”

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Name : Carl
Job title : AVERT Engineering (R&D)
Location : Ireland

“I started at McAfee in June 2007, working in a newly formed team of software engineers. If I had to describe the business in five words, it would be successful, leaders, secure, conscientious and innovative. Although I'm still in the early stages of my time here, I've gained a tremendous range of knowledge about existing products, and worked with some very creative, helpful and enthusiastic people.

There are many opportunities to progress, with plenty of education, training and experience available. I really believe I've found my calling in life, pitting my skills against the skilled, devious and inscrutable developers of malware! Here's looking forward to the great years ahead.”

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Name : Karen
Job title : EMEA Channel
Location : United Kingdom

“Since joining McAfee six and a half years ago, I've grown personally and professionally, acquiring all kinds of knowledge and skills from so many different business functions. It's great to contribute to a project from concept to execution, but you need the tenacity, passion, focus, self-motivation and curiosity to get there!

Working at McAfee is a great opportunity to make a difference and be valued. I joined the company to manage the performance of the UK and Ireland reseller partner sales team. After four years, I was selected to be the Europe, Middle East and Africa region channel representative on a global special projects team. I now manage partner programme and enablement projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa, which are helping our channel teams and partners be more successful.

McAfee is fast-paced, exciting, stimulating, energetic and evolving. When I reflect on those who I see as successful at McAfee, I see people who go beyond the call of duty, who understand the requirements of business functions beyond their own. They place the success of the company and their colleagues ahead of themselves, and proactively contribute to solutions.”

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