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Ashok Kumar (IT Global Operations)

It’s almost 5.5 years back when I joined McAfee as IT support engineer and graduated to Web Services Engineer 2.5 Years back, it sounds 5.5 years as long journey though it feels like I joined few months back. Thanks to A working environment, I enjoy each day coming to work and there is so much to explore still. It’s a place where you can grow leaps and bounds if you have dedication and zeal of getting it done, you are always motivated to learn new technologies and grow. One word for McAfee Culture - AWESOME!!

Harsha P. Girimaji (Engineering Lab Admin)

McAfee to me means a lot – this is a wonderful place to work. A great work culture brought up by Sridhar Jayanthi. There are a lot of opportunities to learn new technology through McAfee University & Safari books. Good opportunity to serve the community through McAfee Cares. Ethics first is imbibed so strongly in McAfee that an individual starts practicing it in his own life at every stage. Good recognitions for performers. A well branded company across the globe. I feel proud to be part of the security world which secures the e-assets across the globe.

Akash Sagi (Consumer)

From Consumer App team perspective, I feel this is one of the McAfee values, which is widely respected by all the team members. This value has helped the team in establishing great team work and also has helped to remove all the bridges across remote teams. This value brings in a lot of collaboration between the teams and helps to streamline the communication channels. Team’s effort towards increasing the performance of the product and meeting all partner needs is one of the main aims of McAfee value so called “Partnership” and this is very easily achieved by Consumer team.

Preethish Janardhanan (Enterprise Applications Support)

Each day in my 8 year tenure has been different. It has brought several challenges to the fore and along has brought me numerous opportunities to think and act constructively. As Winston Churchill said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. I have learnt from my past that involvement of the team members during decision making is vital. It provides you an unbiased view of the solution being implemented. Team dynamics is another element that has direct bearing on the results. The team is as strong as it’s members. The courage to acknowledge a responsibility is something one need to inculcate within self for greater successes.

Divya Anand (Human Resources)

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
To me it simply implies honesty and commitment. Being in the HR Function Integrity has always been an integral part of our role where we deal with confidential information of employees’ day in and out. A very open and transparent culture at McAfee has supported me in being able to share my viewpoints without any hesitations. Encouragement from the Senior Management to own and be accountable has further aided in being highly responsible, ethical and committed.
Integrity – a value that can never be compromised!!

Antara Sharma (Enterprise)

Expertise is an area which every McAfee employee can take pride in. Each and every employee is a “Champion” in their own respective fields be it Engineering, Sales or Technical Support. McAfee ensures the engagement of the employee in his / her Individual Development Plan, which is aligned towards the development of the employee and the Company in turn. To assist the employees meet the criteria listed in the IDP, various resources are made available – McAfee University, Safari Books online etc. With this level of encouragement from the company, McAfee will definitely boast of the best talent in the industry.

Nitin Munjal (OCTO)

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” - Dale Carnegie

McAfee is such a place to look out for. Every single day here is eventful and brings with itself an opportunity for us to stand out as innovators, successful leaders and learned human beings. Every single day carries with itself a new learning opportunity, a free environment and a challenge that is enticing enough to make you come back to it.

Mamtha Kumar (MIM)

McAfee as a company is driven by values, commitment towards employees and has Best Learning & Development Strategies. We have fun at work with community service program like McAfee Cares. We strongly believe and follow “Ethics First”. Approach to senior management is ease, who always help and encourage employees in managing work life balance.

We live We work We support each other @ McAfee – A great place to work.

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