Research and Development – Americas

"The gas that fuels the McAfee automobile" is how we describe ourselves at Avert Laboratory Operations in the United States, where we undertake research and development for McAfee in the Americas.

Because cybercriminals can now outsmart many security software packages, we must draw intelligence from the best minds in the security business. And to make McAfee products do their job longer and more effectively than those of our competitors, we must work on the front lines of today's cybercrime, espionage, and information warfare.

Our team includes many of the brightest researchers in the business from a variety of disciplines, each of them working at the cutting edge of computer security. We partner with virtually every engineering team at McAfee, as well as with sales, support, IT, PR, marketing, law enforcement, government, media, and educational institutions-and even competitors.

As the world's largest independent security vendor, McAfee has unrivaled scope and resources. Yet at the same time, we pride ourselves on an informal, family-like, start-up culture, which better fits the never-ending nature of our role and the climate preferred by true security researchers.

There's not a more fascinating job in the business, and not a better group of people doing it. The key skills we look for in employees are:

  • passion for solving the challenging computer security issues facing the world today;
  • adaptability, because the only thing we can be sure of is that your job tasks will change from year to year;
  • a strong work ethic-since the "bad guys" don't take holidays, McAfee employees must be willing to do what it takes to protect our customers, which can mean working late or on weekends; and
  • persistence during long periods when the threat landscape remains the same and requires your focus for an extended period of time.

Americas R&D Jobs