Research and Development – Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Do you have drive, passion, and a determination to stay one step ahead of both the competition and cybercriminals?

If so, then you'll be at home as part of McAfee's Europe, Middle East, and Africa Research and Development team, where we're looking for innovative and committed people who can go the extra mile in the fight against cyber crime.

You'll tackle threats like malware, which infiltrates computer systems without the owner's consent. Responding through creative and innovative technologies, McAfee discovers on average 250 new pieces of malware every day-and over 100,000 last year alone.

It's a great career opportunity. You'll enjoy long-term security with a strong player in a growing market, working with some of the most experienced people in the industry. There are three main areas of our team:

  • Product localization in Ireland, where we take the McAfee English- language products and convert them into various global languages;
  • Messaging and web security production in the UK, which has achieved a 27 percent growth in a market that could be worth an estimated $3 billion by 2010; and
  • Avert Research Labs in the UK, where we use cutting-edge research and the latest technology to stay ahead of cyberterrorists.

Each area offers a formalized, structured career path, with comprehensive training and technical and management opportunities.