Research and Development – India / Asia Pacific

"No stone left unturned." That's the philosophy at McAfee's Research and Development Center in Bangalore, India, where over 600 professionals deliver high-quality software security products to customers in both India and the Asia Pacific.

Collaborating with engineering sites across the world, we create innovative security solutions and products through a combination of architecture, design, testing, and final release posting. We engage with customers, too, developing strategic road maps for their futures to ensure long-term partnering success.

As soon as you join, you'll be the boss of your own career. You could choose a technical or managerial career path, moving among multiple computing domains, managing multiple projects, and spearheading specialized areas, either as part of a team or on your own.

It's a great chance to release your potential in an environment that values creative freedom, open communication, high levels of empowerment, and technical and managerial innovation.

More than anything, we're passionate about what we do. Starting from the conception of any product, we love to identify and understand the true security threats a customer faces in the real world.

We're looking for people with a similar passion, commitment, and belief: the passion to create and test security products in a complex environment, the commitment to make the world a safer place, and a belief in themselves to succeed.

India R&D Jobs