Sales – India / Asia Pacific

It's an exciting time for McAfee in India and the Asia Pacific. The IT security market is one of the region's fastest growing industries, so there's plenty of competition between both local and global companies.

We're hiring people who can help us capitalize on this expanding market. And although McAfee is still relatively small in this part of the world, we have a clear advantage over our competitors: we're a total security risk management company, which puts us in a unique position to grow at a quicker rate than our competition.

So if you join McAfee, you won't just be joining an average security company. You'll be part of a dynamic and fast-growing business that's spreading its marketing and executive presence across India and the Asia Pacific.

This means excellent development opportunities for you. Because the McAfee portfolio covers the entire spectrum of security, there's plenty of opportunity to increase your experience, broaden your skills, and enjoy a rewarding and constantly challenging career.

If there's one thing McAfee isn't, it's static. We're a fun company to work for, too, thriving on a culture that's based on trust, passion, quality, and a belief in what we do.

APAC Sales Jobs