Technical Support – Europe, Middle East, and Africa

McAfee wants its customers to feel confident that they're covered. Playing a major role in this is our Europe, Middle East, and Africa Technical Support team, where we deliver support and services to commercial and retail customers.

With such a broad geographical reach, Technical Support is an integral part of McAfee. We're the only function that deals with customers daily, helping them maximize their use of McAfee products and keep their business with us.

The satisfaction of helping a customer is one of the best things about working in Technical Support, as is the many cutting-edge initiatives we've introduced to develop our people, such as staff training and systems management.

It all makes for a demanding yet highly fulfilling career. You'll enjoy a terrific sense of accomplishment after solving a customer's problem, together with receiving the expertise and support of the industry's most talented people.

You'll be a team player with lots of technical knowledge and a knack for solving problems. People skills, such as the ability to communicate, negotiate and, above all, be empathetic and patient, are also essential. And if you can operate in multiple languages, that's a bonus.

EMEA Technical Support Jobs